7 Halloween and Bonfire Interesting facts 2022| You should know, Origins, Traditions


Here in this article, I am going to talk about 7 interesting facts about Halloween that you should know. Before proceeding to the main content I would like to wish Happy Halloween to my readers. Halloween is a festive mostly celebrated in English-speaking countries. In 21 century, the celebration of this festival can be seen across the world. Mostly the Halloween is celebrated in the United States, But as per the past history, it was originated in Europe. Halloween is also related to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, in Ireland.

Interesting facts about Halloween and Bonfire

Today 31st October, On the day of Halloween millions of children use to wear funny and haunted costumes and exchange sweets to celebrate this festival with their friends and neighbors. This doesn’t mean adults do not celebrate this festival. Most of the adult-use attend late-night parties with their friends.

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Top 7 Spooky facts you should know about Halloween and bonfire

When it comes to the celebration no one care about the history or facts about that particular festival. Everyone just wants to celebrate it with their friends. But here I am going to list some interesting facts on why we celebrate Halloween?

  1. Halloween as a celebration of the dead: Many people across the world celebrated the Samhain festival on the 1st of November. This festival is a celebration of certain rituals of death. Historical research believes that on this day the barrier between the living and dead weakened and the dead returned. As a result, many people keep the food and wine outside their homes to prevent them from ghosts on the eve before Samhain was celebrated.
  2. Halloween as a ritual to find a husband: In the ancient time (18th century) many single women play an apple game at parties. In the game they just throw apple peels over their shoulder, hoping to see their future husband’s initials in the pattern when they landed. The single lady who won the apple bubbling game was supposed to marry first.
  3. One night before Halloween is called ‘Mischief Night’ or ‘Goosey Night’: Previously kids used to do pranks. On October 30, they used to make some terrible haunting thing with toilet paper and on the trees outside someone’s house or egging cars. Today’s generation is unaware of this tradition and died out.
  4. Halloween is the night where light meets darkness: As per the ancient Lithuanian traditions, they believed that half of the year is light and the rest of the year is dark. So they believed that Halloween is the day where good and bad spiritual energy meets. This is the reason Lithuania believes this day where GOOD and EVIL meet.
  5. Bat Inside your House: If bat files inside your house it is believed that your house is haunted. even in many movies, it is filmed that bats are allowed inside the haunted house. Hollywood and Bollywood movies also make people believe this myth.
  6. The word “bonfire” origin: Celts people collect the bones and cut the crop at the end of the summer season to do huge bonfires. Celts People used to do “Bone fire” rituals in the hope of a good crop for the following year. It is the reason why it is known as a “bonfire”.
  7. Bats’ relation with Halloween festivals: In many Hollywood and Bollywood movies bats are filmed with vampires and supernatural myths for centuries. That’s why the bat is known as the main symbolizing bird for the Halloween festival.

If you have more facts that you have heard from your grandparents then please comment below. We would like to hear from you!


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