[🌸KAWAII] Pet Simulator X! Kawaii Update New Codes, Huge Cats & Rewards


Here is Pet Simulator X popular RPG Roblox simulator game new Kawaii Update was released Today officially by BIG Games Pets. All those gamers who are eagerly waiting for the new updates to be released can now access the latest version of Pet Simulator X directly from roblox.com. We have discussed the Whats new added in Pet Simulator X Kawaii Worlds Update , Huge pets, new codes, rewards, and an official patch note.

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Game Name Pet Simulator X! Roblox
New update date 18 Mar 2023
Latest version [🌸KAWAII] Pet Simulator X! 🐾
Features added New Kawaii Worlds, Secret area, Huge Cats, egg, chest, and more
Next update leaks Available soon
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official website Roblox.com

Play Pet Simulator X roblox game in now gg (Free on mobile browwer)

Is there are any new codes released on Pet Simulator X Kawaii Update ?

No, BIG Games Pets the developer of this game not released new codes on this major update of the year that will give many in-game rewards and already giving free HUGE Kawaii Cats and huge pets by opening eggs in the game.

Previous Update codes:

  • 404roblox: Redeem for  x8 Triple Coins Boosts! (NEW)
  • xmas: Redeem for  5,000,000 Gingerbread
  • santapaws: Redeem for 8x Triple Damage Boosts

[🌸KAWAII] Pet Simulator X! 🐾 Update Patch Notes

Play: https://www.roblox.com/games/6284583030/Pet-Simulator-X

Changes: https://www.biggames.io/post/pet-simulator-x-kawaii-update

Pet Simulator X – Kawaii Update!

Sugoi! Adventure through the new Kawaii World! Hatch kawaii pets from kawaii eggs while breaking the kawaii chest! Kawaii overload!

Kawaii Update!






Kawaii World


Konnichiwa! Welcome to Kawaii World!

Adventure through 4 new areas: Kawaii TokyoKawaii VillageKawaii Candyland, and Kawaii Temple

Access Kawaii World using Limbo if you have Doodle World unlocked!





Kawaii Pets


Kawaii overload! 13 new pets have been added!

Plus, 2 new HUGE pets, the Huge Kawaii Cat and Huge Bread Shiba.


Look at these adorable squishy pets! OwO



Kawaii Eggs


Find 3 new eggs with their golden variants!

The final Cafe Egg has the chance of hatching a Huge Kawaii Cat!




Giant Kawaii Chest


Unlock the final area, Kawaii Temple, to break the Giant Kawaii Chest!

This chest drops lots of the Cartoon CurrencySugoi!




Hardcore Only Huge


For the ultimate challenge, we’ve added a HUGE pet to Hardcore Mode.

The Huge Bread Shiba can ONLY be hatched in the Cafe Egg while in Hardcore Mode!







Auto Pet Lock

For your pet’s safety, Titanic and Huge pets will be automatically locked.

– Titanic and Huge pets auto-lock upon hatching

– Titanic pets auto-lock upon auction purchase, booth purchase, and successful trade

If you don’t want the pet locked, simply unlock it in the inventory menu!


Search Keywords

Added more keywords in pet search: lock, gold, golden, rainbow, dark matter

This should make it that much easier to find those pets you’re looking for!


Trading Plaza Teleports

Wanting to switch between Trading Plaza types?

While in the Trading Plaza, the teleport button now works to do so.

Pressing the teleport button brings up the menu to switch between plaza types.


Power Leaderboard Prefix

Added a new leaderboard chat prefix for the top 100 pet power leaderboard players.

If you are on the leaderboard, this prefix shows before your name as you type in chat.

Also, the leaderboard hoverboard is now given to those on the pet power leaderboard.


Fixed Trade Scam Lag

There was an issue where trades weren’t being updated on some player’s screens if the server was lagging.

This issue has been fixed!


Fixed Pet Equip Bug

Sometimes when removing pets from the bank too many were being equipped.

While this was fun, we had to patch it!


Dark Matter Prices

The Robux prices for skipping Dark Matter time cooldowns have been lowered! Hooray!


Balanced Doodle World

The Doodle World coin earn and egg prices have been balanced to make room for the new Kawaii World.

If you are earning different amounts of coins, this is why!


Huge Red Balloon Cat

The chance to hatch the Huge Red Balloon Cat has been removed from the Royal Egg.

Sorry if you weren’t able to get it. Congrats to those who did!



– Added the ability to drag to deposit locked pets

– Changed the minimum bid percent increase to 1% of the last bid

– Changed drag to select to accidently activate less on banks

– Changed egg opening text to be bigger on mobile

– Changed mastery progress percentage round down to clarify when hardcore mode is unlocked

– Fixed booth inventory to show 4 pets per row on mobile, instead of 3

– Fixed the bank history message to show the correct tier number when you upgrade tiers

– Disabled the inventory equip button while in delete mode

KAWAII WORLD – Pet Simulator X Update Preview

How to Update Pet Simulator X Game to the new version?

To update the game to the latest version just click on the update link and re-open the game. Once the update will release globally players can able to access and explore new pet simulator features.

Pet Simulator X Roblox Anniversary [🧸Kawaii Worlds] Pet Simulator X! 🐾 Update Update Link
Redeem codes Check now

Final words: The new update will be released on 3/18/2023 (Saturday). If you find any glitch or bug or Have any queries regarding new updates kindly let us know in below comment box.


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