Roblox [GEAR 4 + 2X RATES] Fruit Battlegrounds Update New Codes, Log and Patch Notes


Here is Fruit Battlegrounds popular RPG Roblox simulator game new Gear 4 Update has been released officially by P O P O developer. All those gamers who are eagerly waiting for the new updates to be released can now access the latest version of Fruit Battlegrounds directly from We have discussed the Whats new added in Fruit Battlegrounds Gear 4 Update , new codes, rewards, and an official patch note.

If you are a freebies lover then you differently like to watch a new Fruit Battlegrounds (January 2023) Free codes list can give you Free Gems and many Items rewards.

Game Name Fruit Battlegrounds! Roblox
New update date 22 January 2023
Latest version [GEAR 4 + 2X RATES] Fruit Battlegrounds Gear 4 Update
Features added New Fruit, vehicles, Free Codes, and more
Next update leaks Available soon
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Is there are any new codes released on Fruit Battlegrounds Gear 4 Update ?

Yes, P O P O the developer of this game has released Six new codes on this major update that will give many in-game rewards

  1. 140KAGAIN – Free Gems (NEW)
  2. FATSTACKZ – Free Gems (NEW)
  4. RAININGGEMS! – Free Gems (NEW)
  5. GEARFOOOOURTH – Free Gems (NEW)
  6. LONGAWAITED – Free Gems (NEW)

Previous Fruit Battlegrounds Update Working codes

  1. 50KINSANE – Redeem this code to get Free Gems
  2. 40KDAMN – Redeem this code to get Free Gems
  3. 35KWOWBRO – Redeem this code to get 250 Gems
  4. 30KLOVEYOU – Redeem this code to get Free Gems

[GEAR 4 + 2X RATES] Fruit Battlegrounds Gear 4 Update Patch Notes & Log

  • NEW TRANSFORMATION : GEAR 4 (Obtainable from Timeskip Rubber)
  • 2X LEGENDARY RATES! Lasts until the 23rd of January
  • If a player is now below 20% hp they get a red screen and their speed is reduced to prevent people from running
  • Added Server time ui at the bottom right which can help players know when bosses spawn
  • Kill Cooldown reduced to 3 minutes instead of 5
  • Bounty deduction nerfed heavily
  • Fixed some server lag issues
  • Fixed moves like magma fist and bomu staying behind sometimes
  • Fixed some minor mobile issues (The mobile dashing bug is still under investigation. If you have any good information please
  • put it in studio-forums as it’ll help us alot thanks)
  • More changes have been made that i have probably forgot to note here

About Fruit Battlegrounds ?

Welcome to Fruit Battlegrounds. A simplistic one piece battleground where you can fight your friends, earn bounty, unlock new fruits and become the strongest.

— There are warp pipes around the map to help get around the map easily🌌

[Premium Players recieve a +20% luck boost on spinning fruits]

Fruit Battlegrounds Roblox game Play now
Redeem codes Check now

Final words: The new update has been released on 1/22/2023 (Sunday). If you find any glitch or bug or Have any queries regarding new updates kindly let us know in below comment box.


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