Roblox [UPDATE] Shindo Life Halloween Update- New Codes, Patch Notes and log


Here is the Shindo life RPG Roblox simulator game new Shindo Life Halloween Update has been released officially by the RELL World developer. All those gamers who are eagerly waiting for the new updates to be released can now access the latest version of Shindo life Halloween Update directly from Here we have discussed the Whats new added in Shindo life Halloween Update, new codes, rewards, and official patch notes.

The Shindo life game is all about exploring vast worlds, playing many game modes, and mini-games. Battle various types of creatures known as spirits. Unlock and randomize many abilities, and awakens. If you are a freebies lover then you differently like to watch a new Shindo life Halloween Update November 2022 Free codes can give you Free Spins, Rell Coins, XP, EXP and many In-game rewards.

Game Name Shindo life Roblox
New update date November 6, 2022
Latest version [UPDATE] Shindo life Update
Features added New Halloween Event, Codes, and many more
Next update leaks Available soon
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official website

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Is there are any new codes released on Shindo Life Halloween 2022 Update?

Yes, RELL World the developer of this game has released 5 new codes on this major update that will give you 2x XP and many in-game rewards

  • Here is the list of codes added on Shindo Life Halloween Update of the Shindo life game:
  1. beleave1t! – Spins & RELL Coins (NEW)
  2. G00dvib3zOnly!– Spins & RELL Coins (NEW)
  3. doG00dToday! – Spins & RELL Coins (NEW)
  4. HALLOW33N2022! – Spins & RELL Coins (NEW)
  5. 17kRCboy! – Spins & RELL Coins (NEW)
  6. 0unce0fcomm0n5ense! – Free Spins

[UPDATE] Shindo life Halloween Update 183-184 Patch Notes and log

Halloween Tingz

New Competitive System

[UPDATE] Shindo life Halloween Update 175-182 Patch Notes and log

Update 181-182


7th Tailed Beast Gen 3

Greatsword of ChoCho

Gen 3 Gift system

fall map change

X crouch removed
Update 175-180 (Glitches/Fixes list in here)

Indra Akuma

Gigantic Beast Combat System

New Mentor Bruce Kenichi (WW Perk, Dashing Perk)

Sub out will wait until a taijutsu/ability sequence to play out before subbing out

fix up Dynamic Stomp and Skull crusher

Suggestion: Remove Kajin 2nd, Bankai 3rd, Flame 3rd, Raion Ren/Sen/Azure 1st, Wind 5th, and Inferno 3rd ability to bypass iframes.

Make Deva ren/sen/whitebeard Second ability’s cooldown start after the move is over

Rasenshuriken/Rasenshuriken Inferno Rush fix

ragnar 1st fix

Fix Q spec for the last mode of all Gen 3 tailed spirits by increasing the cd.

Suggestion: Give Azim Dual Senko Some Startup & Increase CD or reduce the stun time

Make Fume Second’s move cooldown start at the end of the move

give scorch and frost 3rd move handsigns

fix acid second and acid last

fix cement 3rd

fix Water 3rd damage

fix pyro 6th move

Remove endlag after ragnar counter hits.

Fume 2nd fix

give Deva Ren,Sen,White beard 3rd move fix

fix acrobat style (weapon) ability to use moves during the attack

fix damage of snakeman q spec

fix handsigns for shiver fourth

fix Minakaze 2nd’s block breaker.

fix damage on Minakaze 3rd.

fix damage or stun for snakeman e spec

fix Indra Akuma E spec CD to 20

fix cd stun time of deva third

fix Mode drain for Rune Konchu

fix Fog Dissolution subjustu on Iframe GCD

fix Acid slide’s iframes

fix Minakaze 2nd’s iframe

fix BIG damage on Snakeman 1st

glitch: when you use indra mode and someone use a shiver akuma move/ fireball warp you will get glitched

Stone and Cement trail (trails) counter damage stack patch

/e fart is broken

Alphi Gen 3 timer is above 3 mins (Vinland)

Fizz name fix

Glitch/Bug: 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th moves of Chaos aren’t on GCD with its moves on its counterpart skin, Order.

Glitch: Sage Reworks can get inf mode by desummoning the clone as soon as they hit 0 mode

Bug/Glitch: After usage of snakeman 3rd move(only the normal version,snakeman platinium works fine for some reason),it blocks you from using anything other than x,z and c keybinds.

Glitch/Bug: pyromania 6th takes double chi

Chaos/Order 2nd move takes no chi

Bug: Ragnar and Skin GCD fix

Bug: Using Ray Kerada’s (and skin) C spec on a log voids you.

Glitch: Your character bugs out if someone leaves during the Ray Kerada C spec

Glitch: Going into mode with Bruce Kenichi makes him naked…. ( Shindo Storm )

Bug: Senko storm will not work if a player has less than 50k chi, despite the chi cost being 25k.

Glitch: Using the gen 1 and gen 2 8 tails mode Z spec can allow you to duplicate C specs.

Puppet Combat Art

Puppet Customizer

Odama Rasengan v2

Dual Raikiri v2

Raikiri v2

Raikiri Senko v2

Rasengan Senko v2

Limited Bloodlines permenantly on Spin System/Buyable, no countdown needed

Ashura Shizen

Indra 2nd handsign reduced to 1, cooldown reduce to 25, range increase by 5

Minakaze 2nd iframe re-added

deva rengoku 3rd handsign reduce to 1

snakeman e spec tick damage buff

Shindo life Halloween Update Roblox game Play now
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Final words: The new update has been released on 11/6/2022 (Sunday). If you find any glitch or bug or Have any queries regarding new updates kindly let us know in below comment box.


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