Roblox [❄️Winter Event❄️] Wild Horse Islands Update New Codes, Log and Patch Notes


Here are Wild Horse Islands popular RPG Roblox simulator game new Winter/Christmas Event Update released officially by Happy Acres developer. All those gamers who are eagerly waiting for the new updates can now access the latest version of Wild Horse Islands directly from We have discussed the Whats new added in Wild Horse Islands Winter/Christmas Event Update, new codes, rewards, and an official patch note.

If you are a freebies lover then you differently like to watch a new Wild Horse Islands (December 2022) Free codes can give you Free Items, Unicorn Plushie, and many Items rewards.

Game Name Wild Horse Islands Roblox
New Winter Event update date 3 December 2022
Latest version [❄️Winter Event❄️] Wild Horse Islands
Features added New Area, Free Items, and many more
Next update leaks Available soon
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Is there are any new codes released on Wild Horse Islands Winter Event Update ?

No, Happy Acres the developer of this game not released any New code on this major update that will give many in-game rewards

  1. Winter Event Update code release soon…
  2. TY-4-100M-VISITS – Free Pair of Glasses
  3. KOOLIE-PLUSH – Unicorn Plushie
  4. VAN-BUN-BUN-BOW – Pink Bunny Bow

[❄️Winter Event❄️] Wild Horse Islands 2022 Winter/Christmas Event Patch Notes & Log

New Area – Winter Resort Island
-Hank needs your help running his winter resort!
-Visit Wesley on Mainland to take a plane ride to Winter Resort Island
-Winter Resort Island features jobs and activities that you can do, including sliding down the big ski hill with your horse!

-Do jobs to earn Golden Snowflakes and bring them to Hank in the lodge for a limited time gift

-Earn Golden Snowflakes by:
–Chopping down trees and dragging the Big Logs that fall to one of the two bonfires on Winter Resort Island (each log has a chance of giving you a Golden Snowflake)
–Going ice fishing and giving Frozen Fish to Toby (his trade in has a milestone reward as well)
–Plowing the snow off of the road with the Snow Plow vehicle (Golden Snowflakes are earned as you continue to spend time plowing)
—You can get the Snow Plow vehicle by purchasing it for tokens outside of the lodge on Winter Resort Island or as a trade in reward from Hank
–Completing the two event races (each race has a chance of rewarding you with Golden Snowflakes upon completion, but will always give you Winter Tokens)

-Earn Winter Tokens by:
–Doing any of the above activities
–Completing regular activities in the game such as capturing horses, doing quests, harvesting resources, etc.

3 new limited time event horses!
-Hot Cocoa Mustang
-Northern Lights Andalusian
-Snowflake Clydesdale

-All of the event horses can be found in the wild or purchased for Winter Tokens in the shop
–You can also receive the Snowflake Clydesdale as a gift from Hank after bringing him 150 Golden Snowflakes

New limited time items

-Four new hair dyes
–Hot Cocoa Fade
–Glacier Fade
–Winter Fade
–Northern Lights Fade

-3 new auras
–Snowman Aura
–Penguin Aura
–Northern Lights Aura

-3 new vehicles
–Snow Plow
–Winter Sleigh

-25+ new accessories
–2 secret accessories!
–Antlers (head accessory)
–Frozen Antlers – milestone from fishing with Toby (head accessory)
–Lit Antlers (head accessory)
–Winter Beanie (head accessory)
–Hot Cocoa (mouth accessory)
–Tail Snowflake (tail accessory)
–Face Snowflake (face accessory)
–Snowflake Shield (shoulder accessory)
–Ski Poles (shoulder accessory)
–Ski Goggles (head accessory)
–Winter bell (mouth accessory)
–Tail Holly (tail accessory)
–Face Holly (face accessory)
–Snowman Friend (tail accessory)
–Snowman Hat (head accessory)
–2 new accessory textures – Snowman and Penguin – trade in rewards from Hank, + 2 matching halters (purchased from Larry or received as a trade in reward from Hank)

-2 new craftable colours
–Snowy white
–Shiny ice blue

-1 new food
–Snowman Sugar Cookie – find these in the Lodge!

-Many small optimizations made to hopefully make the game run smoother for everybody!
-Fixed accessory alignment issue with Legacy horses and Thoroughbreds for glasses style accessories

How to play Wild Horse Islands?

Welcome to Wild Horse Islands! Become a master swordsman or a powerful blox fruit user as you train to become the strongest player to ever live. You can choose to fight against tough enemies or have powerful boss battles while sailing across the ocean to find hidden secrets.

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Final words: The new update was released on 12/3/2022 (Saturday). If you find any glitch or bug or Have any queries regarding new updates kindly let us know in below comment box.


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