C1S3 Royal Pass M5/M6 Tier list, RP Rewards: Free Royal Pass & UC Giveaway

PUBG Global and Battlegrounds Mobile India BGMI C1S3 RP & Elite pass release that will run from 19 November to 17 January 2022: All the gamers of Battlegrounds who want to know Month 5 and Month 6 weekly mission, RP Price, RP Rewards, code, C1S3 Time duration, RP Giveaway and tier wise reward then this page is for you. Here we mentioned the all information regarding PUBG global and India rewards that is the same and this time you will also get a free character voucher to get free Andy, carlo, sara, Anna (new), vector characters.

PUBG Season C1S3 RP Rewards

The PUBG Corporation and Tencent together release the new season as well as 1.7 updates that bring various new features to the game by adding new theme mode mirror world, arcane monster, piggyback function and many features that you surely look at. Click the link below to know pubg or bgmi new update patch notes and 1.8 update leaks:

PUBG Mobile Global 1.7 Update Download, Patch Notes, Latest News

BGMI India 1.7 Update Download link

PUBG: New State Latest Version released Today

PUBG- BGMI C1S3 M5/M6 Royal Pass

Here is the list of key points that you should know before checking further free elite pass and RP weekly mission wise free rewards and RP 2021:

C1S3 Royal Pass Rewards M5 M6 Tier list, PUBG C1S3 Royal Pass, BGMI C1S3 M5 M6 Royal Pass, Free RP Giveaway

Game Name PUBG Global, BGMI
Season Cycle 1 Season 3 (C1S3)
Monthly Pass M5 and M6
RP Price 360 UC (300 UC)
Free Royal Pass Codes Redeem Now
C1S3 M5 dates 19-11-2021 to 19-12-2021
C1S3 M6 Dates 19-12-2021 to 17-01-2022
RP Giveaway result Update Soon
Month 4 RP Rewards Available
Month 5 RP Rewards leaks Click Here

PUBG C1S3 Tier list, Points and Rewards

This season introduced the new character “Anna” that you can get for free through character vouchers. You can also use that character voucher to purchase any PUBG OR BGMI India legendary character for free. This C1S3 Season also announces some new tiers after Ace where players will also get some extra rewards. Below we also mentioned the points that you need to achieve to enter any tier and that points can be earned by winning games or getting a plus in every match.

Here are the following Tier name, Tier Points and rewards you will get on Each tier:

Tier Name Rewards Tier Points
Bronze Tier 10 Silver fragments 1000-1700
Silver Tier Free c1s3 Mask 1700-2200
Gold Tier Outfit C1S3 Set 2200-2700
Platinum Tier C1S3 Cover 2700-3200
Diamond Tier DBS Shotgun skin 3200-3700
Crown Tier 3 Tier Protection card 3700-4200
Ace Tier C1S3 Ace parachute 4200-4700
Ace Master Tier Classic Create coupons 4700-5200
Ace Dominator Tier C1S3 Ace dominator avatar More then 5200
Conqueror Tier Reward C1S3 Conqueror Avatar Frame Top 500 Rank server Rank

PUBG- BGMI M5 RP 1 to 50 Rewards

In this section, we share the month 5 C1S3 Missions wise Rewards for both free elite pass and RP Players who purchase the 300 UC Royal pass for once time. Don’t forget to check the Weekly mission of Week 1 week 2 week 3 so on:

Guardian MK47 Skin, Lethal creepstar set, Lethal Creepstar cover, Lethal Creepstar mask, Hextech crystal backpack, RP Avatar (M5), Hextech ornament, Emote (Strange waves), Crooked flush machete skin, Polymath outfit, unyielding land finish plan skin, Mythic emote vanguard, Ancient statue S686 Skin, Guardian Kar98 Skin, 1 day room card, 50 RP Dress vanguard suit and Vanguard cover (complete set)

For Free Pass For Elite Pass
  • Emote (Strange waves)
  • Polymath outfit
  • Two 1 Day Room card
  • Ancient statue S686 Skin
  • Supply Create
  • Classic Create
  • AG
  • BP
  • Silver fragments
  • Tier Protection card
  • RP Mission card
  • UC Voucher
  • RP Batch
  • Lethal Creepstar set
  • MK47 Guardian skin
  • Season portable closet
  • RP Batch
  • Free 340 UC
  • Lethal Creepstar cover
  • Lethal Creepstar mask
  • Hextech crystal backpack
  • RP Avatar (M5)
  • Hextech ornament
  • Crooked flush machete skin
  • unyielding land finish plan skin
  • Mythic emote vanguard
  • Guardian Kar98 Skin
  • 50 RP Dress vanguard suit and Vanguard cover (complete set)

PUBG C1S3 M5/ M6 Weekly Mission List

Players need to complete weekly as well as the daily missions in the game to collect t hat RP 1 TO 50 Rewards for every season that we mentioned above. You can complete the mission through a mission card or directly by playing the game with friends or random players:

Kindly go to RP tab section to know week 1, 2, 3, 4 mission full detail

  • Week 1 Mission Available
  • Week 2 Mission Available
  • Week 3 Mission Available Soon
  • Week 4 Mission Available Soon

Free UC and C1S3 Royal Pass Giveaway Running

If you do not have an Elite pass and looking for a free Royal pass then a giveaway is the best way to get RP. You can participate in our RP Giveaway contestants that are currently running for the C1S3 M5 Pass.

If you want to get some legendary rewards for free then you can check below currently working Redemption codes that are officially released by the developer from time to time:

Check BGMI Redeem codes Today for RP/ UC

Check PUBG Global Redeem codes Today for RP elite pass/ UC

You can also participate in the giveaway by just commenting below in the comment box. We will pick random comments and give 5-10 RP for free. Winners will be updated through their email id and also we comment back to that comment if they are selected by the comment random picker software.

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