PUBG Redeem Code Today [May 2022] PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

PUBG Redeem Code [Last Updated Today], Get a free Redeem Coupons List, Gifts reward here. Here on this page, we will provide all ongoing Redeem codes, Events and Rewards that you can use to Open Premium Creates and these codes also Help you to get Free UC (Discount), Rename card, Room Card, Free skins, Free Character vouchers, Free Mythic dress, Free Gun skins (Glacier M4, AKM, etc) and Many things that can only possible to get from UC. Below we shared PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Latest redeem code list that you can directly redeem from the Redemption centre or from the Official website of PUBG Mobile i.e . All the mentioned codes can be used on All PUBG Versions like (Global, Korean, KRJP, Vietnam, Taiwan).

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PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) Mobile & PC Version officially launched by PUBG Corporation, KRAFTON Game Union on 20, December 2017 for Mobile version and 23, March 2017 for PC/ Laptop players. Lets first talk about some PUBG Redeem Codes important Highlights that you must have to know:

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PUBG Redeem Code 2022

Name of the App PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile/ PC
Latest Version 2.0.0
Redeem Codes Requirments Any Global, Korean, KRJP, Vietnam, Taiwan can Redeem
Redeem Code Status Active
Use Free Rewards, Silver Coins, UC, legendary outfit, M4 Glacier Skin, Rename card, Room Card and Many more
PUBG Redemption Center Official Website
PUBG Lite Redemption Center Official Website
Download PUBG Latest Version Click Here
Latest PUBG News Click Here

PUBG Global Game is one of the most downloaded and most active players Games in the world with having 1 Billion + Downloads. This is a big achievement for PUBG Lovers and for all gaming community members that, this is only possible because of your love and support towards PUBG. With milestone PUBG (Including Mobile, PC Global, Kr, all version) become No 1 Game in the world and time to time its popularity is unstoppable and PUBG Corporation and Tencent also doing a great job while bringing new updates every week and also give various free rewards though events and Daily mission-based.

If you want any UC or any reward kindly you can also ask below in the comment box to let another play Help You. We also do every week royal pass giveaway, the winner directly selects randomly from the comment section. So You can try a free redeem code as well as try to get a free UC OR Royal Pass-through Giveaway or any random player can also help. We are PUBG Family we always try that every PUBG Player get exclusive rewards free of cost 🙂


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PUBG Release Official 1.9 updates with lots of features and on the first update, you will get free rewards (Check PUBG 1.9 Update Download Link and Patch Notes)

PUBG Mobile/ PC Redeem Code

PUBG Redeem Code Today, PUBG Global Redeem Code, PUBG KR Redeem Code, Free Glacier Skin, UC, Rename card, Room Card, Legendary outfit, Gun SKin, Premium Creates, PC, Laptop

If you want to get a Legendary outfit or room card or anything that is not free that can only be redeemed through UC or by purchase then, Redeem codes come into action PUBG Officially also released redeem codes and gift coupons that can be directly applied to your PUBG Account from Redemption centre website.

(Announced) PUBG Mobile Month 9 and Month 10 Tier Wise Rewards:

  • Bronze Tier reward: 10 Silver fragments
  • Silver Tier reward: Free c2s5 Glasses
  • Gold Tier Reward: Outfit c2s5 Set
  • Platinum Tier Reward: c2s5 Parachute
  • Diamond Tier Reward: c2s5- MK14
  • Crown Tier Reward: 3 Tier Protection card
  • Ace Tier Reward: c2s5 Ace MASK
  • Ace Master Tier Reward: c2s5 Cover
  • Ace Dominator Tier Reward: c2s5 Ace dominator avatar
  • Conqueror Tier Reward: c2s5 Conqueror Avatar Frame

All the mentioned Codes can be used for any PUBG Version (Kr, Vietnam, Taiwan) PUBG Lite both Mobile and PC Games. Redeem Code help you to get free premium creates without investing anything. You can check below All ongoing Latest Redeem code, let firstly discuss major benefits and things that possibility you can Get from this redeem codes.

Free UC Earn daily on LOOTBOY App 2022

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Redeem Code Benefits

Here we mentioned all possible rewards that you can get from the Redemption centre website. The Major Benefits are as followed:

  • Free Rename Card
  • Free Room Card (1 day, 7 Days)
  • Free Legendary Outfits
  • Free UC Rewards
  • Free ANNA Character voucher
  • Free Gun Skins
  • Free Emote
  • Free Character (Andy, Victor, Sara, Carlo)
  • Free Premium Creates
  • Many More (Check below all Codes)

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PUBG IOS AND Android File

Below we shared all the latest redeem codes List and rewards that you will get. So try all codes one by one and if you also want Royal Pass or UC Kindly comment on below comment box without your PUBG ID So, another player can help you.

PUBG Midas Buy Redeem Code

PUBG and Midas Buy Redeem codes are Different. PUBG Mobile/PC Redeems code work only to get rewards directly on your account that can be used directly on Redemption centre official website and Midas Buy redeem Code can only you for UC Purchased from Midasbuy official website (this code help you to get an instant discount during purchased UC. So check both codes.

Let’s first talk about how you can use all mentioned codes in your PUBG Account. After that, Check all new Redeem code lists and use them one by one.

How to use PUBG Redeem Codes 2022?

All the mentioned codes can only be redeemed from the Official website of the Redemption centre website of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile/ PC (Global, KR, Vietnam, Taiwan). Below we share stepwise instructions that you can follow:

  • Firstly Open Battlegrounds Mobile Redemption centre website ( for Korean version and for Global or Any version)

PUBG Redemption Center Official Website, Redeem code

  1. After Opening Your PUBG Version Redemption centre official website then, you will get options to Enter “CHARACTER ID” “REDEMPTION CODE”, “VERIFICATION CODE” then Click on REDEEM BUTTON
  2. After clicking on redeem button new screen will pop up where you can see the applied coupons code and all rewards will be a credited to your PUBG Account shortly
  3. Finally, Re-open your PUBG Account and check rewards that added to your account
  4. Enjoy the rewards

PUBG Mobile Redeem Code Today

Pubg Redeem code Claim Rewards
DKJU8LMBPY free silver fragments (NEW)
UCBYSD800  800 UC (NEW)
DKJU10GTDSM 2,100 silver fragments (NEW)
BBKTZEZET8 PUBG operation Leo set legendary outfit (NEW)
BBVNZBZ8M10  free PUBG football and chicken popularity
BBKVZBZ8FW eight red tea popularity
BBKRZBZBF10 eight free PUBG cannon popularity
SNOWFLAKECRATE Snow Flake Crate Ticket
WINTERCARNIVAL15 Winter Carnival Crate
LEVKIN2QPCZ Racer Set (Gold)
DKJU9GTDSM 1000 Silver Fragments
EKJONARKJO Redeem code for First (5000 Users) M416 Gun Skins
VETREL2IMHX Bumble Bee Set
TQIZBZ76F Motor Vehicle Skin
TIFZBHZK4A Legendary Outfit
RNUZBZ9QQ Random Outfit
SD31G84FCC AKM Glacier Skin
KARZBZYTR Skin (KAR98 Sniper)
ZADROT5QLHP Stealth Brigade Set
BBKTZEZET3 Leo Set Legendary Outfit
TIFZBHZK4A Legendary Outfit
BBKRZBZBF9 Get 1 Free PUBG Cannon Popularity
UCBYSD600 600 UC
SD16Z66XHH SCAR-L Gun Skin
BBVNZBZ4M9 Free PUBG Football & Chicken Popularity
DKJU5LMBPY Free Silver Fragments
MIDASBUY Get a free rename card & room card
HAPPYRAMADAN Jester Hero Set, Jester Hero Headgear
BBKVZBZ6FW 2 Red Tea Popularity
BOBR3IBMT Desert Ranger Set
R89FPLM9S Get Free Companion
SIWEST4YLXR Assassin Suit/ Assassin Bottom
VGTXJSLAGR Motor Vehicle Skin
BMTCZBZMFS Pretty in Pink set
Pretty in Pink Headpiece

PUBG Lite Redeem Codes 2022 Today

Here is PUBG/ BGMI Mobile Lite game active redeem codes 2022:


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Redeem Codes for Godzilla vs Kong

PUBG again announced God Zilla Vs Kong events in the latest updates. So everyone wants to redeem various rewards in this mode. So below we shared some recently released Redeem code so try it once


PUBG Free UC Google Play redeem code 2022

  • CUJF3N28F9WK97HG
  • HAL696HMTW9M8G5V
  • 345DDBD209L124AS
  • CY282BKNDOZLT743
  • JM0GY87U5F0VE9JK
  • CJZC731W57GE7C2D
  • BM07SH61TTT0AM6E
  • 09RBSF10039GW59J
  • B5A7FNRD02G6SH6G
  • EGG1L6WZ2LG42M2G
  • 48M98LK88PHC58D0
  • H91H8Z5RUPH02G45
  • 30G197310HZHR9BS

Check Unused Google Play Free Gift Card codes Today

M6 RP or free Pass Outfit, emote, Rewards: Golden jade-M16A4, Will of steel UZI, Phantom flower QBU, Midnight-DP28 Skin, Goth aviator set, dislike emoting, golden jade stun grenade, crystal egg ornament, orange jumpsuit outfit, room card 1 day, 7 day room card, Desert Warrior full set

Final Words: If this information is helpful for you please share it with your friends and also share your PUBG Gaming Experience with us in the below comment box.

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