How to get Amazon free Shipping without prime 2023 (Working methods)


Amazon Free International Shipping codes and within Country/regions free delivery all working methods have been discussed on this page: If you are looking for free delivery or return from to worldwide or within country free shipping method without prime membership then, here we find some easy hacks & tricks that currently working and you can use this method to get free shipping for any product from any location whether India, United States, taiwan, Canada, Australia or any popular countries where amazon services are currently active. Amazon promo codes are already available that provide you up to 90% discount on selective products and many more rewards. Apart from this the free shipping method will help you to save some money that you can use to buy furthermore items from the Amazon online store.

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Amazon Free Shipping code 2023

Amazon is the world largest e-commerce website with having almost billions of active customers and also have offline stores that mostly have every type of product like clothes, electronics, photos, beauty products, gourmet food, groceries, health and personal care items, kitchen, sports items and millions of unique product. There are lots of amazon sales going but due to amazon shipping fees mostly the user can not able to grab that offer as listed. So here we come with countries wise amazon free delivery coupon codes and also minimum requirements for international worldwide free shipping to another country. This method will help you to get free amazon delivery code of 24 hours or 2 days without prime membership.

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Let us first talk about the free International shipping of Amazon Products to all eligible destinations. After that, you can check working methods to get free shipping codes within-country locations.

How to get international free shipping?

In order to get free International shipping to India, Canada, Singapore, israel or any pin code where delivery is possible then, you need to meet certain minimum order requirments and you can select free FREE Amazon Global Standard Shipping option during checkout.

  • Firstly you have to full fill minimum order value in dollars (US) qualification as mentioned below:
Shipping destinations Minimum Order Values (USD)
Free International Shipping to Hong Kong $49 USD
Free International Shipping to Israel $49 USD
Free International Shipping to Palestinian Territories $49 USD
Free International Shipping to Colombia $35 USD
Free International Shipping to Chile $49 USD
Free International Shipping to Taiwan $60 USD
Free International Shipping to Canada $49 USD
Free international shipping to singapore $49 USD
Free international shipping to Israel $49 USD
Free international shipping to Australia $49 USD
Free International Shipping to Hong Kong NA
Free International Shipping to Algeria NA
Free International Shipping to South Africa NA
Free International Shipping to India NA
Free International Shipping to Bangladesh NA
Free International Shipping to colombia NA
Free International Shipping to Indonesia NA
Free International Shipping to kuwait NA
Free International Shipping to Oman NA
Free International Shipping to Malaysia NA
Free International Shipping to Swedan NA
Free International Shipping to Germany NA

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  • You can do multiple free shipping on eligible desinations only
  • Country wise minimum order requirements vary as per country wise (Use Amazon Currency Converter, to know your local currency ammount to get free shipment)

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Steps to get Amazon free delivery

  1. Firstly add the eligible Products to your shopping cart
  2. Add the address
  3. Go to the checkout page
  4. The FREE AmazonGlobal Standard Shipping option is selected automatically for customers who meet the eligibility requirement.
  5. Do the payment and place your order
  6. Delivery date and tracking code will be updated on your account

Amazon US Free Shipping Code (

The free shipping codes & working methods are also available for all 50 states of the United States (USA) that can provide you free delivery and return benefits. All the offers are applicable while purchasing products from the website. Check below all working methods that you can use as per your order requirments:

  1. USA Free delivery on minimum card value: The Order value should be at least $25 (US Dollars): Look for items that “Ship from Amazon” when shopping⏩Add at least $25 of eligible items to your shopping basket⏩Choose “FREE Shipping” at checkout, and your order will arrive in 5-8 days.
  2. Prime members get amazon free fast delivery (Start your  30-day free Trail)
  3. Amazon USA Free shipping code & offers

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Amazon India free Shipping (

Amazon India also provides free delivery on first orders for all products except Fulfilled items and pantry items. Fulfilled items are that product which is packed and shipped by Amazon, you can see the amazon mark on that product, to get free delivery on fulfilled items your cart value should be a minimum of Rs 499.

  • Free confirm delivery on your first order
  • Free delivery on Amazon Prime membership
  • Free delivery on minimum card value Rs 499 (Indian Rupees)

If you also want free shipping for a value less than 499 Rs then, simply add another category product with your cart then, you will instantly get Free delivery Option without prime. If you have prime membership then you are automatically eligible for FREE One-Day & Two-Day Delivery (No minimum order value) Save up to Rs 40 delivery charge from every item. The best way to get a free delivery promo code is by purchasing items during black Friday sales or festivals. To activate free shipping codes on all products without limitation follow the link below

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Amazon Canada Free shipping code (

All the Canada users who want to free shipping to any state or location within the country from shopping website. Amazon Canadian company also provide free delivery & return to new users for their first order, Free shipping promo codes and also provide free shipment to existing users on minimum order value.

Here is all possible methods to get free shipping from website

  1. Free Amazon Canada Shipping on your First order: Create a new Amazon account add items⏩ Select the ‘Free delivery on first order’ option at checkout then a delivery cost will be automatically deducted from your total order value. (Read More)
  2. Free Amazon Canada Shipping on Minimum Order amount: All the customers will automatically get a free shipping offer on thousands of eligible products, Minimum total card value should be CDN$ 35 Canadian dollars. To do so Add at least CDN$ 35 of eligible items to your cart⏩Select “FREE Shipping” at checkout⏩ Product will be delivered within 5-8 days (Read More)
  3. Free Shipping Promo codes & sales: Amazon Canada website also released promotional codes on black Friday, Christmas, new year sales and offer free shipping on all products that required no minimum order value.
  4. Amazon Prime Members will get one-day delivery benefits

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Amazon UK Free shipping code (

You can get a free United kingdom shipping benefit if you order eligible items within the UK/ Republic of Ireland country. The possible methods to get free shipping is on your first purchase, minimum order value, amazon prime and through free shipping promo codes 2021:

  1. Free Amazon UK/Ireland Shipping on Your First Order: All the customers from UK Country or Ireland will get free standard delivery on their first order purchase with their new accounts. There is no minimum cart value required to avail of this offer, to know eligible products and items (Read more)
  2. Amazon Prime Members will get one-day delivery benefits
  3. Amazon UK Free Shipping promo code: Amazon united kingdom/ Ireland company also released many offers and coupons code that can provide free delivery and return facility

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Free Amazon UK/Republic of Ireland Standard Delivery minimum Order value: Your card value should be £10 to £20 on all eligible items listed below: (Read More)

  • Items that Amazon sells (eg books, DVDs, music, software, video games and videos) and dispatches (Deliveries to the UK/ Ireland)
  • Items that Marketplace sellers sell but Amazon dispatches (Deliveries to the UK/ Ireland)

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Amazon UAE Free Shipping Code (

Yes, you can order amazon products with zero delivery cost from the united Arab emirates amazon shopping website i.e If you are from UAE Country and looking for free Amazon delivery promo code or working methods that can help you to get free Amazon product delivery to your home door, then here we come with all possible ways that currently working and you can try this method with all eligible items from amazon UAE e-commerce website:

  • Free Amazon UAE Shipping on Minimum card value: Yes you will automatically qualify for free shipping order if your shopping basket total value is at least 100 AED

Steps to get free UAE Delivery:

  1. Look for ‘Free delivery’ next to item price
  2. Add item worth AED 100 (UAE Currency)
  3. Select the ‘Free delivery’ checkbox on the checkout page
  4. Order will be delivered within 2 business days

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Note: If your order does not qualify for FREE Shipping by Amazon, we offer Standard Delivery at a fee starting from 10 AED depending on the type of items in your cart. With Standard Delivery, your order will be delivered in 1-2 business days.

Amazon Germany (Deutschland) Free Shipping Code

Amazon Germany Gratis-Lieferung free shipping coasts also available on minimum order value, amazon prime and directly by applying promo code whos link also listed below. Check one by one all working methods to get Amazon free shipping in Germany country by purchasing items from website:

  1. Amazon Germany free delivery on minimum card value £20: To do so ⏩Add the items to your shopping basket⏩Make minimum card value £20 ⏩On checkout page select ‘Free shipping option’⏩ Item will be ship as per standard delivery time
  2. Free delivery cost for amazon prime members (Read More about standard shipping, premium shipping, two-day delivery, Same day delivery, special delivery)
  3. Amazon Germany free shipping code: Yes amazon Germany company also released special offers on Black Friday sale, new year deals and promo codes that you can directly activate from the link below (These deals also sometimes provide free shipping costs for non-prime users)

Amazon Germany Free Shipping Coupons Code & discount (Activate this Deal)

Amazon free shipping 2023 methods

Here is the list of countries/ regions and the official website where you can get free shipping offers. Their are total of three ways to get free delivery:

  1. Full fill minimum card value
  2. Amazon Prime
  3. First-order purchase only
  4. Amazon promo codes

Amazon free delivery codes updates

Here is the pending list of countries/ regions whose working methods & Coupon codes will be updated soon. Whenever we received any update regarding free shipping of the following website. we will update this page:

Final words: All the methods are shared here is 100% working and tested at the time posted this article. If somehow any user has a question or query kindly ask below in the comment box.


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