Project Slayers Breathing/BDA tier list (October 2022) Best Blood Demon Arts Guide


Roblox Project Slayers Breathing/BDA Tier List Updated on October 2022: All the Roblox players who play Project Slayers RPG Games and looking for the common, uncommon, rare, ultra rate, legendary Breathing/ BDA as per best abilities. Here we have listed all Breathing Styles in 2022 and the full BDA, Demon Arts, or Demon Art Blood guide for beginners as well as for experienced players. This Demon arts ranking will help you to make choose the best Breathing/ Blood Demon arts that you buy or get through using spins.

In Project Slayers! there are many Breathing/ BDA available that have their special abilities and powers. By combining all characteristics we have made the Breathing rank from Super Rarity to Common.

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Project Slayers Clan Ranked Tier List (Best Characters)

Project Slayers Breathing/BDA tier list & Ranking: Best Breathing/ Demon Arts Guide

Here we have listed the best Breathing/BDA ranking where the top-ranked character will come under SS Tier then lower ability heroes will be S tier (LEGENDARY Breathing/ BDA), A-Tier (ULTRA-RARE Breathing/ BDA), B Tier (RARE Breathing/ BDA), C Tier (UNCOMMON Breathing/ BDA), D Tier (COMMON Breathing/ BDA). The Breathing/BDA rank will be categorized according to their special ability, features,  passive skill, and breath combos.

Project slayers tier list bda

Project Slayers S-Tier List

Breathing/BDA Name Minimum Requirments  Location
Wind Breathing level 12 & 5k Web Wind Trainer, Jinger, at Wind Trainer
Blood Explosion Art __ __

Project Slayers A-Tier List

Breathing/BDA Name Minimum Requirments  Location
Thunder Breathing level 12 & 5k Web Thunder Trainer, Jigoro Kuwajima, on Zapiwara Mountain
Water Breathing level 12 & 5k Web Water Trainer, Sakonji Urokodaki, inside Waroru Cave
Tamari Ball Art __ __

Project Slayers B-Tier List

Breathing/BDA Name Minimum Requirments  Location
Arrow Art __ __
Insect Breathing level 12 & 5k Web Insect Trainer, Shinobu, in Butterfly mansion
Reaper Art



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