Project Slayers Codes 2023- Free Clan Spins & Wen! working code


Hi gamers, welcome to our page! today we are going to talk about the redeem codes of one of the most popular games within Roblox we are talking about “Roblox 🔼[Update 1.5🎆🥶] Project Slayers ” a popular Roblox adventure game where player whether choose to help humanity or go against it, whichever road you decide you will have many struggles. You have to defeat the enemies to become the most powerful entity in the game.

The Project Slayers developer of this game releases many wiki codes that you can redeem to collect some free gift rewards, & get yourself some legendary items. Here we listed the all working codes of the Project Slayers online game and complete instructions about how to redeem them.But, if you are one of those who wants to start with all the power of these objects or if you do not have time to play and farm, below we leave you a list of codes that will give you immediate access to enormous amounts of Free race rolls, Clan Spins, Demon Art Spins, Clan Spins, Exp, Wen, and items so you can buy everything you need and power up your character and your team.

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Roblox Project Slayers Codes for May 2023 (Working)

Here is the list of codes:

Roblox Project Slayers Codes (Active) Rewards
!ThanksFor250MVisits Redeem for 50 Clan spins, 5 Demon Spins, Daily spins (NEW)
!500kLikeCode! Redeem for 35 Clan spins, 10 Demon Spins, 2 Daily spins
Update1.5Spins Redeem for Free Spins
Update1.5BreathReset Redeem for Breathing Reset
Update1.5RaceReset Redeem for Race Reset
SorryForDataIssues 75 Spins
[email protected] Redeem for 20 daily spins, five Demon Spins, and 100 clan spins
ThanksFor200MilVisitsBreathingReset Redeem for breathing reset
HappyNewYears! 50 Clan spins, 10 Demon art spins, 5 Daily spin
MerryChristmas2022 Redeem for 50 Clan spins & 10 art spins
MerryChristmas2022RaceReset Redeem for Race Reset
MerryChristmas2022BreathingReset Redeem for Breathing Reset
IncreasedDropsRaceReset Redeem for Race Reset
IncreasedDropsBreathReset Redeem for Breathing Reset
[email protected] Redeem for 18 Clan spins, 8 Demon art spins, 3 Daily spin
MUGENTRAINFINALLY Redeem for Breathing Reset
AkazagoBRR Redeem for Race Reset
MistBreathing!OMG! Redeem for Free Rewards
!UpdAtEsO0n! Redeem for Free Clan/Demon Art Spins & Daily Spin
SwShowcase Redeem for Free Clan/Demon Art Spins & Daily Spin
Sh0wC4s3beast Redeem for Free Clan/Demon Art Spins & Daily Spin
400Klikes Redeem for Free Clan/Demon Art Spins & Daily Spin
400Klikesracereset Redeem for Race Reset
400Klikesbreathingreset Redeem for Breathing Reset
Miniupdate3 Redeem for Free Clan/Demon Art Spins & Daily Spin
MiniUpdate3racereset Redeem for Race Reset
Miniupdate3breathingreset Redeem for Breathing Reset
FlAm3!Shawcas31 Redeem for Free Clan/Demon Art Spins & Daily Spin
1o0millvisits-_- Redeem for Free Clan/Demon Art Spins & Daily Spin
1o0millvisits-_-racereset Redeem for Race Reset
1o0millvisits-_-breathingreset Redeem for Breathing Reset
miniupd2 Redeem for Free Clan/Demon Art Spins & Daily Spin
miniupd2breathreset Redeem for Breathing Reset
miniupd2racereset Redeem for Race Reset
twittaspins Redeem for Free Clan/Demon Art Spins & Daily Spin
sCyth3Showcase! Redeem for Free Clan/Demon Art Spins & Daily Spin
350Kupvotes! Redeem for Free Clan/Demon Art Spins & Daily Spin
350Kupvotes!Breathing Redeem for Reset Breathing
lastcode?lol Redeem for Free Clan/Demon Art Spins & Daily Spin
anotherdayanothershutdown Redeem for Free Clan/Demon Art Spins & Daily Spin
Roblox Project Slayers Codes (Expired) Rewards
300klikes! Redeem for Free Spins
shutdownnumb2 Redeem for Free Spins
shutdown! Redeem for 35x Clan Spins, 15x Demon Art Spins, 1x Daily Spins
miniupdate Redeem for Free Spins
miniupdatedaily Redeem for Free Spins
soryagainguys:V Redeem for 75 Clan Spins
sorryforanothershutdownlol Redeem for Free 40 Spins
200K+upvotestysm Redeem for 1000 exp, 50 clan spins, 30 demon art spins
100K+likesiglol Redeem for 50 clan spins, 20 demon art spins, and 2k XP
werebackup Redeem for 50 clan spins, 20 demon art spins, and 2000 exp
gettingthere! Redeem for 25 Clan Spins
sorryforshutdowns! Redeem for 25 Clan Spins and 10 Demon Art Spins
FINALLYRELEASETIME! Redeem for 300 Wen, 120 Exp, and 15 Clan Spins
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If somehow any of the codes listed above not working for you or showing expired kindly update us by commenting below in the comment box 🙂


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How to Redeem 🔼[Update 1.5🎆🥶] Project Slayers Codes Codes 2023

You don’t know how to redeem these codes? Don’t worry, you just have to follow these instructions:

  1. Open the game either from your phone or from your computer,
  2. Press the M Button to open the Menu Option, then click on the Book Icon and there
  3. Write any of the codes that we give you, then press “submit code” and the code is activated, it could not be simpler!

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Now that you have all the codes, go on an adventure and lead your team to victory, we constantly check our codes to verify that none is damaged or expired so if a code does not work for you, try restarting the game and trying again, if a code fails several times you can report it to us in order to remove it from the list, we will also be updating with each new code that comes out, so constantly check our page to be up to date with the best codes in the game!

Roblox Project Slayers social media Channel:

Make sure to follow and join the official social handles of the project Slayers Roblox game To get more redeem codes, Free rewards, and the latest news update or to chat with other players:

  • Official Twitter: @PolarUi
  • Tiktok: NA
  • Facebook Page: NA
  • Official Discord Server:
  • Youtube Channel:
  • Join Roblox official Group:!/about
Default Project Slayers Trello Controls & link:
M1 - Combat (L Click).
M2 - Combat (R Click).
M - Menu.
Q - Dash.
CTRL - Wall Climb.
Left Shift - Sprint.
Left Alt - Mouse Lock.
Combo Variations:
LRLRL or SPACE:  Air Combo
RRLRL: Special Combo
LLRLR: Special Combo

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