Roblox [2X SHINY] Sea Piece Update New Codes, Log and Patch Notes


Here is Sea Piecepopular RPG Roblox simulator game new Update Second Sea has been released officially by Mvngo DEV developer. All those gamers who are eagerly waiting for the new updates to be released can now access the latest version of Sea Piecedirectly from We have discussed the Whats new added in Sea Piece Update , new codes, rewards, and an official patch note.

If you are a freebies lover then you differently like to watch a new Sea Piece (September 2022 ) Free codes list can give you Free beli, 2x exp 15mins,  Stat reset, and many Stuff rewards.

Game Name Curse Randomizer! Roblox
New update date 18 Sep 2022
Latest version [2X SHINY] Sea Piece 
Features added Blessings, Free Codes, and many more
Next update leaks Available soon
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official website

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Is there are any new codes released on Update Second Sea ?

Yes, Mvngo DEV the developer of this game has released Three new codes on this major update that will give many in-game rewards

  1. caughtemlackin: Redeem these codes to get Free Beli Rewards (NEW)
  2. SECONDSEA! – Redeem these codes to get Free Rewards (NEW)

Previous Update Redeem Codes:

  • Billionare! – Redeem these codes to get Free Rewards
  • Millionare! – Redeem these codes to get Free Rewards
  • PawIsABaseMythicGoUseGoroThenRethinkYourOpinion – Redeem these codes to get Free Rewards
  • Update8! – Redeem these codes to get Free Rewards
  • Update7! – Redeem these codes to get Free Rewards
  • Update6! – Redeem these codes to get 5 Mins double exp & Stat reset
  • BackToSchoolNerds – Redeem these codes to get Beli & stat reset
  • SorryAbout10K! –Redeem these codes to get Free Rewards
  • Big20 – Redeem these codes to get Free Rewards

[2X SHINY] Sea Piece Update Second Sea Patch Notes & Log


Second Sea has been added into the game! With an addition of 2 new islands:

  • Thriller Bark
  •  Dressrosa

 Two new bosses And one new limited time event boss

  •  Doflamingo
  • Kuma

Talk to the npc named “Mvngo” at shanks to reach the Second Sea. 1300+ Level required

– New Fruits – New

Conquerer tier devil fruit:

– Ito Ito No Mi – Shiny Ito Ito No Mi (.25%)


– Increased Base hp scaling by 2x 

PVP Arenas added. You do not lose bounty on death when dying in these areas, unless you were attacked before you entered the area.

– Dash Rework –

  • Dash base distance increased
  • Dash cooldown Decreased
  • Dash distance now scales with speed
  • Reworked animations & effects

Content – Two new accessories –

  • Allies system reworked into crews; sharing the exact same functionality in addition to your crews flag being shown above your head, showing the world who you represent! –
  • In Danger system. You are not able to turn off combat while in danger. If you log off the game/leave the game however, you will NOT lose any bounty. You are only put in danger if you had PVP enabled, and were attacked by another player. –
  • Every 20 minutes, an Albino Sea Beast is guaranteed to spawn in the Second Sea – Kuma now drops Shiny Nikyu/Paw (.5%)

Balancing –

  • Shiny Magu – Magu Eruption/Magu Floor buffed: Floor size increased: 20/40 -> 60/80 – Puncture buffed: 200 dmg -> 600 dmg
  • Shiny Nikyu – Pad Ho Buffed: When buffed with pain removal, does 5% Max health – Ursus Shock Buffed: When buffed with pain removal, does 5% -> 10% Max Health
  • Shiny Mera – Flame Burst buffed: 15 dmg -> 500 dmg
  • Aces Hat Buffed: – 2000 Health -> 80000 Health – 20% Burn Damage -> 35% Burn Damage

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How to play Curse Randomizer?

🎮 Controls:
Q – Dash
Double Space – Geppo
Ctrl – Sprint
H – Buso Haki
J – Ken Haki
K – Conquerers Haki
Z/X/C/R/T – Skills
G – Race* ability (Some don’t have any)

Sea PieceRoblox game Play now
Redeem codes Check now

Final words: The new update has been released on 9/18/2022 (Sunday). If you find any glitch or bug or Have any queries regarding new updates kindly let us know in below comment box.


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