Clue Hurdle Answer Today (December 2022) All Wordle Phrases word puzzle solutions list, Hints


Clue Hurdle Phrase Today Answer Release, check recent and all so far Clue Hurdle Guess the Phrase game puzzles solution list and hints: Clue Hurdle is similar to Phrazle but here you will get CLUE and need to guess blank words in given phrases. The Clue Hurdle is a web-based word game that is free to play where Players have six tries to guess a to guess blank words of in given Clue. The “solitaired team Daily released unique phrase puzzles to solve and here we get the answers to all today puzzles for free. On this page, we listed all Clue Hurdle word lists, unlimited answer keys, all answers solution archive lists and complete instructions about how to play a Clue Hurdle Phrase game.

Clue Hurdle Game Answers Today 2022

The Solitaired developer of this Clue Hurdle game daily releases the word of the day and players get 6 maximum attempts to solve any puzzle so far. So here we come with correct answers to all puzzles with a solutions list and clues so that you never lose any wordle phrase game. We’ll daily update this page and publish recent solutions so don’t forget to bookmark this page by pressing CTRL + D. Below we mentioned the highlights of Clue Hurdle Game today Guess the Phrase correct list then, you can check Clue Hurdle word of the day recent solutions and hints:

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Clue Hurdle - Guess the Phrase | Archive

Game Name Clue Hurdle – Guess the Phrase (Wordle Game)
Developed by Solitaired
new puzzle time 12: 00 AM| 12:00 PM
Today Clue Hurdle Phrase: : Reaction of surprise
Sessions 2022-2023
Month December 2022
Recent Answer added 12/9/2022
Clue Hurdle web official website

*Clue Hurdle Guess the Phrase of the day answer added today

Clue Hurdle word today answer List (December 2022)

Here we mentioned the all-word answers archive list that is released so far. This table is updated on daily basis and mentioned all today & previous word game correct answers. All the Clue Hurdle solution lists have been tested by our team and are 100% correct.

Date Today’s Clue Hurdle Phrase Today’s Clue Hurdle Phrase Answer
December 30, 2022 Morning Clue: Movers and shakers DOERS
December 29, 2022 Morning Clue: Artistic themes MOTIFS
December 28, 2022 Morning Clue: Tear REND
December 27, 2022 Morning Clue: Expertise FORTE
December 26, 2022 Morning Clue: Absorb, as a loss EAT
December 25, 2022 Morning Clue: Pleasure cruiser YACHT
December 24, 2022 Morning Clue: Matrimonial SPOUSAL
December 23, 2022 Morning Clue: Operatic solo ARIA
December 22, 2022 Morning Clue: Teen problem ZITS
December 21, 2022 Morning Clue: Search for TRACE
December 20, 2022 Morning Clue: Harvest haul CROP
December 19, 2022 Morning Clue: Sum up ADD
December 18, 2022 Morning Clue: Fail to mention OMIT
December 17, 2022 Morning Clue: Christmas greenery MISTLETOE
December 16, 2022 Morning Clue:  Parental prerogative SAY SO
December 15, 2022 Afternoon Clue:  Behind in place AFTER
December 15, 2022 Morning Clue: Ten-gallon hat STETSON
December 14, 2022 Afternoon Clue: Aerie NEST
December 14, 2022 Morning Clue: ‘Later!’ at the luau ALOHA
December 13, 2022 Afternoon Clue: Dennis, to Mr. Wilson PEST
December 13, 2022 Morning Clue: Extremity ARM
December 12, 2022 Morning Clue: St. Andrews shout FORE
December 11, 2022 Morning Clue: The Colosseum, e.g. ARENA
December 10, 2022 Morning Clue: Nerve cell parts AXONS
December 9, 2022 Afternoon Clue: Reaction of surprise GASP
December 9, 2022 Morning Clue: It may require kid gloves LASSO
December 8, 2022 Afternoon Clue: Left on the table SNOWMEN
December 8, 2022 Morning Clue: Spill the beans TELL
December 7, 2022 Afternoon Clue: Chatter GAB
December 7, 2022 Morning Clue: Soft drink SUMAC
December 6, 2022 Afternoon Clue: Cause of a Macy’s riot? SALE
December 6, 2022 Morning Clue: He’s in his cups SOT
December 5, 2022 Afternoon Clue: Seawater color AQUA
December 5, 2022 Morning Clue: Measure against OPPOSE
December 4, 2022 Afternoon Clue: 1973 Glenda Jackson film A TOUCH OF CLASS
December 4, 2022 Morning Clue: Attach, in a way SNAP IN
December 3, 2022 Afternoon Clue: Schuss SKI
December 3, 2022 Morning Clue: Colors TINTS
December 2, 2022 Afternoon Clue: Tie or lanyard ROPE
December 2, 2022 Morning Clue: Conforming to
December 1, 2022 Afternoon Clue: Architectural style GOTHIC
December 1, 2022 Morning Clue: Main course ENTREE

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How to Play Solitaired Clue Hurdle game

To play this word game you do not need an account or log in to play. This game can play on mobile or PC on a browser for free. Here you can follow the complete instruction about how to play Wordle Solitaired Clue Hurdle word puzzle game:

  • Open the official website of the Clue Hurdle game i.e
  • Now you see Phrase puzzle game with CLUE on the screen and have a total of 6 attempts
  • Guess the Word Clue Hurdle in 6 tries.
  • Each guess must use valid words and use all spaces.
  • AAfter each guess, the color of the tiles will change to show how close you are to the actual phrase.

A new Clue Hurdle will be available each day!

Here is the example of a Clue Hurdle word that can give you an idea about this game:

Clue Hurdle examples with answers


The letter D is in the word and in the correct spot.


The letter I is in the word but in the wrong spot.


The letter E is not in the word in any spot.

Solitaired Clue Hurdle Wiki Game Updates

The Clue Hurdle new world puzzle update Every 12 hours local time and every day you will get the 1-word puzzle to solve and also unlock unlimited answers and word games by playing daily. The best hack & tricks are to come and play daily word puzzle games only on the official website of this game.

About! (source Wikipedia)

Clue Hurdle is a web-based word game where Players have six attempts to guess a Blank words from given Clue Hurdle Sentance; feedback is given for each guess, in the form of colored tiles, indicating when letters match or occupy the correct position.

You can also play other unlimited world game on android app or anything else. Now many games are available that is similar to this Clue Hurdle game. If you find any similar game that is better then this kindly let us know on below comment box.


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