Daily Themed Crossword Answers (Wednesday, March 16th, 2022) DTC Clues Solutions


Daily Themed Crossword Today Answer Release, check Wednesday Daily Theme Crossword puzzles game clues with solution list: The Daily Themed is a Crossword puzzle Game android/ IOS App that is published by PlaySimple Games. On this page, we listed March 16 Daily Themed Crossword answers & clues (03/16/22), all solved and unsolved clues with answers solutions.

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Daily Themed Crossword Game Answers

Today puzzles were created PlaySimple Games publisher of this mobile application and for the last few years this game have earned their devoted fans throughout these decades, who solemnly dedicate their time to crack solve the puzzle using clues. So here we come with correct answers to all Across and Down clues puzzles with a solutions list.  Below we mentioned the highlights of the Daily Themed Crossword Free puzzles Game solutions archive list then, you can check the Daily Themed Crossword corner recent solutions-

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Daily Themed Crossword Answers all levels, Today daily themed crossword clues with answers list

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Game Name Daily Themed Crossword (DTC) A Fun Crossword Game
Publisher PlaySimple Games
Date 03/16/2022
Month March 2022
Day Wednesday
Daily Themed Crossword available on Google Playstore

*DTC (Daily themed) crossword clue answers with answers added today

Daily Themed Crossword today answer (March 16, 2022)

Here we mentioned the all-word answers Today. The clues are given below is in the order they appeared. This page is updated on a daily basis so don’t forget to visit daily and check the correct answers of today’s DTC Daily Crossword corner puzzles 2022. All the DTC Crossword corner solution lists have been tested by our team and are 100% correct.


Daily Themed Crossword- Answers- March 16, 2022- Across

  • Ceiling summer cooler Crossword clue:  FAN
  • President Eisenhower’s nickname Crossword clue:  IKE
  • “Don’t ___ stranger”: 2 wds. Crossword clue:  BEA
  • Indian queen’s drape Crossword clue:  SARI
  • LA’s state, for short Crossword clue:  CAL
  • Blaster at a Black Sabbath concert, for short Crossword clue:  AMP
  • Hiker’s hard journey Crossword clue:  TREK
  • ___ Ward, “Arrow” actor who played Alex Crawford on “The Bold Type” Crossword clue:  MATT
  • Regular bar customer Crossword clue:  SOT
  • Colombian currency Crossword clue:  PESO
  • They may make you cry in the kitchen Crossword clue:  ONIONS
  • “Pointy” thing in a witch’s closet Crossword clue:  HAT
  • “Acetyl” ending Crossword clue:  ENE
  • Surgeon’s cutting tool Crossword clue:  SCALPEL
  • “I shouldn’t have done that!” Crossword clue:  OOPS
  • Calder Cup organization: Abbr. Crossword clue:  AHL
  • Item carried around during a buffet Crossword clue:  PLATE
  • Toy magnate ___ Schwarz Crossword clue:  FAO
  • Overly docile (rhymes with “week”) Crossword clue:  MEEK
  • ___ Fahy, “One Life to Live” actress who played Sutton Brady on “The Bold Type” Crossword clue:  MEGHANN
  • Mother, affectionately Crossword clue:  MOM
  • Ottoman empire honorific Crossword clue:  AGA
  • ___ Dee, “Chasing Life” actress who played Kat Edison on “The Bold Type” Crossword clue:  AISHA
  • Entrance to another dimension in sci-fi movies, say Crossword clue:  PORTAL
  • Slumber party apparel, for short Crossword clue:  PJS
  • Farming prefix Crossword clue:  AGRO
  • Two aspirins a day, e.g. Crossword clue:  DOSE
  • ___ Jeannotte, “Good Witch” actor who played Ryan Decker on “The Bold Type” Crossword clue:  DAN
  • Bottom part of a hair Crossword clue:  ROOT
  • “Are you saying ___ blame?”: 2 wds. Crossword clue:  IMTO
  • Refrigerator door display, maybe Crossword clue:  ART
  • Classified advertisement letters Crossword clue:  EOE
  • Diner sign element Crossword clue:  NEON

Daily Themed Crossword- Answers- March 16, 2022- Down

  • Cab passenger’s payment Crossword clue:  FARE
  • Greek god of war Crossword clue:  ARES
  • ___ Boosheri, “Circumstance” actress who played Adena on “The Bold Type” Crossword clue:  NIKOHL
  • “___ see that!” (“Duh!”): 2 wds. Crossword clue:  ICAN
  • ___ Stevens, American idol participant and actress who played Jane Sloan on “The Bold Type” Crossword clue:  KATIE
  • John who sang “Tiny Dancer” Crossword clue:  ELTON
  • Instrument that sounds fishy? Crossword clue:  BASS
  • Expressive genre Crossword clue:  EMO
  • Sharp, as a student Crossword clue:  APT
  • Engine additive letters Crossword clue:  STP
  • Road traveler’s rest stop Crossword clue:  MOTEL
  • New prefix? Crossword clue:  NEO
  • Smartphone program, for short Crossword clue:  APP
  • American Uncle? Crossword clue:  SAM
  • Revolutionary Guevara Crossword clue:  CHE
  • Lager alternative Crossword clue:  ALE
  • Go on the ___ (skip town) Crossword clue:  LAM
  • One-kind connector: 2 wds. Crossword clue:  OFA
  • Wendy’s Peter ___ Crossword clue:  PAN
  • Dad’s boy Crossword clue:  SON
  • “I’m a little ___ short and stout” Crossword clue:  TEAPOT
  • Kellogg’s waffle brand Crossword clue:  EGGO
  • Miles’s metric counterpart, for short Crossword clue:  KMS
  • Melora ___, “The Office” actress who played Jacqueline Carlyle on “The Bold Type” Crossword clue:  HARDIN
  • Chicago’s international airport Crossword clue:  OHARE
  • Myopic Mr Crossword clue:  MAGOO
  • Not latched, as a door Crossword clue:  AJAR
  • “___ she the best?” Crossword clue:  ISNT
  • Large library filler? Crossword clue:  TOME
  • In the matter of: 2 wds. Crossword clue:  ASTO
  • “Use Somebody” band Kings of ___ Crossword clue:  LEON
  • Cuddling at the cinema, say: Abbr. Crossword clue:  PDA
  • Sushi garnish Crossword clue:  ROE

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How to Play (Daily themed) DTC Crossword Puzzle

The Daily Themed Crossword puzzles publish on Wednesday on the DTC Official android app. Here you can follow the complete instruction about how to play the Daily Themed Crossword corner puzzle game on a Mobile device:

  • Open the official website of Daily Themed game (DTC) GAME on your mobile device
  • Log in to your DTC account or proceed as guest
  • Then click on the ‘Themed crossword (free)” option
  • Now the crossword puzzle will display on your screen with a timer
  • Solve the across and down clues one by one
  • Thats it. DTC will release a daily new puzzle

A new DTC Crossword Clues will be available each day!


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