Apple iPhone 13 (Mini, Pro, Pro Max) All Models Detailed Comparison, Specs


Recently, Apple confirms the specification of the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 pro, and iPhone pro max. Here we are going to discuss a detailed comparison between them. Also, we will share the Pre Booking date and Available for everyone date in this post. All the iPhone fans are very excited about the Apple iPhone 13. According to the Apple launch event, this is the best iPhone ever they have Created. The main highlight feature of the iPhone 13 is 5G, Oled Display, Cinematic mode, XDR Brighter Super Retina, and long battery life. Apple claims that iPhone 13 has 1.5 hours more battery life than the previous iPhone model. Apple also introduces 512 GB & 1TB storage for the pro and pro max version.

iphone 13 specs

The Prebooking of Apple iPhone 13 all versions start from Friday i.e 17 September 2021. All the Interested buys can do the pre-booking from the official apple website or apple partner website. The Open sale everyone is available on 24 September 2021. The iPhone 13 would be available in five different new colors. Pink, Blue Midnight black, Starlight, and (Product) Red. Whereas The iPhone 13 pro 4 colors graphite,  gold,  silver, and sierra blue color.

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Compare specs – iPhone 13 vs mini vs Pro vs Pro Max

iPhone 13 mini iPhone 13 iPhone 13 pro iPhone 13 pro max
Display Size 5.4″ Inch 6.1″ Inch 6.1″ Inch 6.7″ Inch
Display type Apple-custom OLED
Screen Protection Ceramic Shield
Refresh rate 60Hz 120Hz
Max Outdoor brightness 800 nits 1000 nits
Max HDR Brightness 1200 nits
Network 5G supported
Design Colour Pink, Blue Midnight black, Starlight, and Red Deep graphite, gold, silver, and sierra blue
Processor A15 Bionic
CPU Core 6 Core CPU which is 28% faster than iPhone 12 pro
GPU Core 4 Core GPU 5 Core GPU
Storage 128 GB, 256 GB & 512 GB 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB & 1 TB
RAM Not Mentioned
Front Camera TrueDepth camera with face authentication (Pixel of the camera is not mentioned)
Rear camera setup Dual diagonal camera setup Triple camera setup
Rear camera 12MP wide with f/1.6 aperture of 26mm focal length & 12MP Ultra wide of f/2.4 aperture of 13mm focal length Telephoto with 77mm focal length with 3x zoom, Ultra-wide of f/1.8 aperture with autofocus, and Wide camera with f/1.5 aperture
Battery size Not Mentioned
Battery life 13 hours 15 hours 20 hours 25 hours
Extra features
IP68 water Resistant, P3 wide color, 4k60 HDR with Dolby vision, new sensor-shift OIS wide camera, Night mode on all camera, Cinematic mode, Longer battery life IP68 water Resistant, P3 wide color, 4k60 HDR with Dolby vision, new sensor-shift OIS wide camera, Night mode on all camera, Cinematic mode, All-day battery life, MagSafe, ProRes Video, Promotion, Macro Photography, LiDAR
Start from $699 Start from $799 Start from $999 Start from $1099
Price in Rupees
From ₹8227 Per Month with EMI,

or ₹69900 INR

From ₹9404 Per Month with EMI,

or ₹79900 INR

From ₹14111 Per Month with EMI,

or ₹119900 INR

From ₹15288 Per Month with EMI,

or ₹129900 INR

Note: The battery size of the iPhone 13 series is not mentioned by officials but as per rumors. It is expected that iPhone 13 Mini might have a 2,227 mAh to 2,406 mAh battery whereas iPhone 13 has a 2,815 mAh to 3,095 mAh battery. on the other hand, iPhone 13 Pro has 2,815 mAh to 3,095 mAh (280mAh change, or 10% increase) whereas iPhone 13 Pro Max has 3,687 mAh to 4,352 mAh battery capacity.

  • Apple iPhone 13 & iPhone 13 Mini Pre-order Link for Indian Users: Click here
  • Apple iPhone 13 pr & iPhone 13 pro max Pre-order Link for Indian Users: Click here

iPhone 13 Pre-order Link:


iPhone 13 Processor

iphone 13 gpu performance

It has the fastest CPU in any smartphone, up to 50% faster than the leading competition, For graphics-intensive tasks, like advanced games, A15 Bionic features the latest 4-core GPU, enabling more eye-catching visuals and lighting effects. It delivers up to 30% faster graphics than the various leading competition. It’s capable of an astounding 15.8 trillion operations per second. In addition to core performance improvements, there’s a new display engine, new video encoder and decoder, and twice the system cache.

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iPhone 13 Camera Specification

iPhone 13 has advanced new camera systems with sensor-shift OIS, fantastic low-light performance, and Cinematic mode also on the front TrueDepth camera. A15 Bionic also powers the amazing camera system on iPhone 13. It combines powerful cameras, a next-generation image signal processors, and computational photography to create a most advanced dual-camera system. The new Wide camera lets you take stunning shots in any situation, like this photo full of color and texture. It gathers 47% more light for less noise and brighter results in your photos and videos. This is enabled by larger, 1.7-micron pixels that capture more light and a wide f/1.6 aperture. It’s the biggest sensor Apple has ever put in their dual-camera system. iPhone 12 Pro Max introduced an amazing advanced technology, sensor-shift optical image stabilization. They have also brought this to iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini. The larger sensor captures nearly 50% more light. Night mode shots are even more impressive. Capture times are shorter, too, for sharper images of your subjects and fine details. Apple also custom-designed a new Ultra-Wide camera that will reveal more of the dark areas with less noise, as you see here in the walls and ceilings. Capturing the fun, creative perspectives is easy with the Ultra Wide and now it’s even better on iPhone 13.

Now let’s Talk about video recording performance. iPhone already has the highest quality video in a smartphone. and iPhone 13 brings a brand-new feature, Cinematic mode. You can capture cinema-style moments, even if you aren’t a professional filmmaker.

The cinematic mode is remarkable and so easy to use. Just start recording, and Cinematic mode will hold focus on the subject even when they’re moving. Focus transitions happen automatically in real-time, like from one subject to another. Cinematic mode anticipates when a subject is about to enter the frame, and intelligently racks focus to them when they do, And when a subject gazes away from the camera, iPhone 13 itself changes focus and then back to create these automatic focus changes,

The Cinematic mode shoots in Dolby Vision HDR. This is enabled by the Apple-custom sensor and the incredible power of A15 Bionic, which grades each frame in Dolby Vision live while you are recording and that’s Cinematic mode.

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iPhone 13 5G Support bands

5G help users with super fast downloads and uploads, lower latency, and new experiences on the go. So Apple iPhone 13 innovated further on custom-designed antennas and radio components that let us add more bands so iPhone 13 works on 5G with the latest speeds and in more places. The world is moving quickly to 5G. Apple is collaborating with more carrier partners for the best call quality, performance, coverage, and battery life. As per the launch event news, by the end of the year, Apple will double 5G support to over 200 carriers in 60 countries and regions. This means now users can benefit from 5G in more places than ever to binge-watch their favorite shows together using SharePlay on Apple TV+ and even more streaming partners for video and music.

iPhone 13 Battery life

battery life is something that really matters for every phone user. iPhone 13 has a faster chip, faster 5G speeds, a brighter OLED display, and the most advanced dual-camera system ever in an iPhone. And with all these new capabilities, the iPhone 13 lineup has better battery life. On iPhone 13 mini, most users will experience an hour and a half-hour longer in their day than with iPhone 12 mini and on iPhone 13, two and a half hours longer than iPhone 12 for incredible all-day battery life.

This amazing battery life is delivered by A15 Bionic, more power-efficient components, a bigger battery, and power optimizations from Apple deep hardware and software integration, like Smart Data Model, which intelligently conserves battery life by automatically shifting your iPhone to LTE when 5G speeds aren’t needed.

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iPhone 13 Privacy & Security

When we talk about privacy, the iPhone is the only device that comes in our mind because Apple always looks at every opportunity to improve privacy. With iPhone and iOS, privacy is built in from the beginning with iOS 15, Siri uses on-device speech recognition, meaning your Siri audio requests do not leave your iPhone by default. Intelligent tracking prevention now prevents trackers from profiling you using your IP address and mail privacy protection hides your IP address and prevents senders from learning about your mail activity.

Another huge benefit of owning an iPhone is the vast ecosystem that extends what iPhone could do. That includes MagSafe, which Apple introduced last fall and has been a hit.

iPhone 13 Magsafe Features

For iPhone 13, Apple has leather, silicone, and clear cases in stunning new colors and is engineered to work perfectly with MagSafe. Apple also has a new MagSafe Leather Wallet that supports the Find My wallet location. You can now be notified of the last known location where your wallet was separated from your iPhone.

iPhone 13 Price

iphone 13 and iphone 13 mini launch price in india

iPhone 13 is loaded with new technologies, including Cinematic mode, A15 Bionic that’s faster than the competition, The most advanced dual-camera system with sensor-shift OIS, longer battery life, 5G, and so much more. With all this, Apple iPhone 13 basic model starts at $699. Apple also has some fantastic offers from Apple and their partners, including up to $700 off in the U.S when you trade in a qualifying iPhone. Apart from that apple also increasing the starting capacity to 128 gigabytes for double the storage and adding a new 512-gigabyte option.

iPhone 13 pro Specification

iphone 13 pro specs

iPhone 13 Pro features the most pro design with exceptional materials, like these surgical-grade stainless steel bands. iPhone 13 Pro comes in four striking finishes, rich, deep graphite, gorgeous gold, beautiful silver, and this new sierra blue.

iPhone 13 Pro has a newly designed front with a TrueDepth camera system that’s 20% smaller. On the back, you can see an incredible new camera system with beautiful stainless steel trim that perfectly surrounds the sapphire crystal lenses of each of the three new cameras and a beautiful textured matte glass that feels great and shows off the stunning color.

On the front, it has an incredible Ceramic Shield that is tougher than any smartphone glass. It also has industry-leading IP68 water resistance. On the inside, it’s been completely redesigned to support the latest pro technologies, including the new camera system, incredible new display, and a bigger battery.

iPhone 13 Pro also supports MagSafe and the ever-expanding ecosystem of really cool, new accessories. And it’s joined by the larger iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Apple iPhone 13 pro Performance

iphone 13 specs

The A15 Bionic features a CPU with two new high-performance cores and four new high-efficiency cores, and a faster Neural Engine, as well as a new ISP, which provides improved noise reduction and tone mapping and for these Pro models, A15 Bionic includes the most powerful graphics ever with a new 5-core GPU. It provides up to 50% faster graphics performance than the leading competition.

In fact, iPhone 13 Pro has the fastest graphics performance in any smartphone ever, great for high-performance gaming and most powerful camera features, like Apple ProRAW and 4K Dolby Vision video and the A15 Bionic chip’s new 5-core GPU and custom display engine combine with an amazing new display that takes the iPhone experience even further.

iPhone 13 Pro ProMotion Technology

This year, Apple comes with an entirely new Super Retina XDR display with a new, more efficient OLED panel, the display now supports up to 1000 nits peak outdoor brightness. That’s 25% higher than iPhone 12 pro. Apple also introduces the first time, we’re bringing ProMotion to iPhone.

ProMotion display can refresh from as low as 10 hertz to as high as 120 hertz. ProMotion is designed to respond dynamically and match your content. The advanced, custom architecture produces fast frame rates when you need them, and preserves battery life when you don’t.

Apple also optimized iOS to take full advantage of this. For example, when scrolling a feed on Instagram or switch apps then the system adapts the frame rates to precisely match the speed of the user’s finger.

ProMotion is also great for apps, providing more responsive inputs, smoother graphics, and more precise gameplay. Its adaptive frame rate is really unique. Because of the 120 fps, you can get perfect response time. It’s about the refresh rate, it’s about the controls. It’s almost like your fingers are glued to the screen. With ProMotion Feature, it means that I’m actually seeing the pixels move in real-time. There is absolutely no lag. This device could be a gamer changer for Mobile gamers. The high graphic games like PUBG or BGMI runs smoothly and give maximum fps i.e. 90 fps in iPhone 13 pro and max series. In the future, if PUBG releases its 120 fps then still iPhone 13 pro can support it.

Super Retina XDR display allows the gamers to see further into the distance and catch more details and surroundings. The iPhone 13 Pro has one of the most powerful mobile GPUs ever created.

The incredible combination of A15 Bionic, ProMotion and 5G makes the iPhone 13 Pro the most powerful smartphone in the world, or any world, for that matter. The new Super Retina XDR display with ProMotion comes in two great sizes, 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch. And the custom-designed OLED panels work across different lighting conditions and content types, maintaining incredible color accuracy and contrast.

iPhone 13 Pro camera Setup

apple iphone 13 pro camera setup

iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max introduced with a new camera system, starting with a new 77-millimeter telephoto camera with 3X optical zoom, a new Ultra-Wide camera with auto-focus and a larger f/1.8 aperture with a 92% improvement in low light, and a new Wide camera that has a larger f/1.5 aperture and 1.9-micron pixels for the Apple largest sensor ever, with up to 2.2 times improvement in low light. So that you will get beautiful photos in any situation. The larger sensor of the Wide offers more light gathering for less noise and faster shutter speeds and even longer brackets when shooting night mode photos with a tripod. The new 77-millimeter telephoto enables beautiful, classic portraiture photos and 3X optical zoom for photos and videos for a total 6X optical zoom range on iPhone 13 Pro. IOS software different lighting in the ISP.

The new iPhone 13 Pro camera system also provides the most advanced video features. The new camera system, along with Dolby Vision HDR recording, produces incredible Pro-level video.

A15 Bionic adds hardware acceleration for ProRes and in combination with IOS advanced video encoders and decoders, as well as IOS faster file system and flash storage, you can now record up to 4K at 30 frames per second in ProRes right in the Camera app. iPhone 13 Pro is the only smartphone to provide an end-to-end pro workflow, allowing you to record and edit in ProRes or Dolby Vision.

iPhone 13 Pro battery Life

Now, let’s talk about battery life. This is the most Pro iPhone ever with IOS fastest performance, most advanced display, and most powerful camera system ever in an iPhone. It is all possible because of A15 Bionic and iOS 15, as well as a larger battery, iPhone 13 Pro delivers incredible all-day battery life. iPhone 13 Pro lasts more than one and a half hours longer in your day than iPhone 12 Pro. And the iPhone 13 Pro Max will last more than two and a half hours longer than the iPhone 12 Pro Max. That means iPhone 13 Pro Max has the longest battery life ever in an iPhone. The entire iPhone 13 lineup has been carefully designed to minimize its impact on the environment.

iPhone 13 facts: iPhone uses 100% recycled rare Earth elements in magnets and 100% recycled tin in the solder of the main logic board.

iPhone 13 Pro Price

iphone 13 pro & Max price

iPhone 13 Pro with the most advanced technologies and advanced camera system with three new cameras, ProRes video, Cinematic mode, the new Super Retina XDR display with ProMotion, A15 Bionic with 5-core GPU, 5G, MagSafe, and incredible durability features. These iPhones push the boundaries for what’s possible in a smartphone.

The Basic iPhone 13 Pro model starts at $999 and iPhone 13 Pro Max basic model starts at $1,099. This time, Apple introducing a new 1-terabyte storage option. This is a great addition for the users who always face issues regarding storage capacity. Apart from The 1-terabyte option, The pro version will also be available in 128GB, 256GB, and 512-gigabyte storage options.

You can pre-order all four new models of iPhone 13 from this Friday, September 17th, and they will be available on September 24th. iPhone 13 with fantastic new technologies, including the most advanced dual-camera system with Cinematic mode, A15 Bionic, 5G, brighter Super Retina XDR display, and longer all-day battery life.

Apple iPhone 13 Launch event 14 September Video


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