krishi kanoon bill: 3 Farm Laws Officially Cancelled by PM Modi


Here is good news for all farmers who are continuously fighting and doing protests for their rights and demand that to cancel these three farm laws or knowns as the Krishi Kisan kanoon bill that were released by the Indian parliament on 27, September 2020. On today, 19 November 2021 in special Guru Nanak Jayanti day shri Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, the official made a statement regarding three farm bills and make the decision in terms of Punjab farmers and the demand of farmers is looking like going to be complete. Know full three farm bill news, krishi kanoon bill notice and update about the cancellation on this page.

After an over one-year panic situation created over farm laws, PM Modi officially announced that these three farm bills will be revoked by Parliment and the formalities of cancellation officially will be made during the next parliament session. Here is what Prime Minister Narendra Modi said:

Three farm laws to be Cancelled, says PM Modi

3 Farm Laws Kisan Bill Cancelled, krishi Kisan bill 2020 withdrawal, Farmers Farms Law take back by PM Modi

PM Modi apologised 🙏 and said that we are unable to convince this section to farms and the laws will commence back in the next farmer session. This is a special gift that Shri Narendra Modi gave to Punjab ke Kisan farms on the guru parv day.

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PM Modi also Apologise🙏 to the whole country with a pure heart and said that we are unable to convey to the farms about the benefits of Kishan krishi kanoon laws. Modi said that “Even a small part of Kishan group protesting for the against of Farm laws, but this is also important for us , even agriculture community, as well as scientist, Farmer’s experts and gram panchayat, also made various meeting with Kishan’s to tell them the benefit of this 3 farm bills but at the end, we are unable to convince our small group of kishans. Even government try to suspend this law for 2 years but farmers only want these laws to be cancelled permanently.

Kisan Krishi bill 2020 Updates

Name of Laws Three Farm Laws (3 Krishi kanoon bill)
Category krishi kisan kalyan mantralaya kcc
First Farm Law Farmer’s Produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation) Act, 2020
Second Farm Law Farmers (Empowerment and Protection) Agreement of Price Assurance and Farm Services Act, 2020
Third Farm Law Essential Commodities (Amendment) Act, 2020
Status Officially Cancelled
Cancel date November 2021 (Parliament session )

3 Krishi kanoon bill Cancelled, Farmers win?

Most of the people already know about the cons and pros of the bill that was released by the Indian government in terms of favour of kishans of India. Every law has their positive impact and the negative impact that is all depend on people what they want so this time government tried a lot to convince the farms of Punjab a small group who protesting against these laws but in the end government have last option that is the cancellation of this laws officially.

Indian farms are the main pillar of the Indian economy and the whole country is dependent upon that so the farmers’ issues are always the first priority of any Government. If you are happy with this decision or have any grievance regarding the government decision, kindly comment below on the comment box. Let everyone hear what aam Janta think about these laws and what the next government need to take step.

PM Modi full speech Today on 3 Farm Laws (Video)


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  1. DEmocracy runs on majority. having said that, the statment is that a small group of farmers from Punjab were not convinced about the new farm laws. Here a small group is dictating the issue? Whay the majority keeping quit?

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