Mobile legends adventure tier list (September 2023) Best hero’s and Team setup Guide


Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List Updated on September 2023: All the Gamers who play MLA and looking for the best hero characters for their team or to invest in, Here we have listed the top heroes in 2023 and best characters for beginners as well as for experienced players. This hero ranking will help you to make the best team that can win every battle and is also be good for the ranked push.

In ML Game there are epic heroes, elite, common heroes that have their special abilities like a tank, healing, crowd control, damage, so on. By combining all strengths and roles of hero characters we have made the hero rank from S Tier to D Tier so read this page completely till the end and enjoy the updated ML Adventure updated tier list 2023 for story mode PvE and PvP.

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mobile legends adventure tier list (September 2023)

Here we have listed the best heroes ranking where the top-ranked character will come under SS Tier then lower ability heroes will be S tier, A-Tier, B Tier, C Tier, D Tier. The character rank will be categorised according to their special ability, power, damage. This tier list is subject to change but you can get an idea about heroes that you can add to your team in PVP, PVE Mode:

Mobile Legends Adventure tier list, MLA Best hero's 2022, Top MLA Hero's character 2022-2023


MLA SS Tier List (Strong)

Strong Hero’s list Hero Type Gender Speciality Class
valir Elemental Male CC/Damage Mage
Lolita Tech Female Shield/CC Tank
Angela Tech Female Heal/Buff Support
X.Borg Tech Male AoE Damage/Burst Fighter
Irithel Martial Female Damage/Bonus Marksman
Wanwan Martial Female Burst/Debuff Marksman
Nana Martial Female Resurrect/Heal Support
Odette Light Female AoE Damage Mage
Guinevere Light Female Damage/Debuff Mage
Argus Dark Male Invincibility/Damage Tank
Selena Dark Female Burst/Control Mage
Lylia Dark Female Control/AoE Damage Mage
Lunox Order Female Revive/Damage Support
Akashic Order Male Buff/Heal Support
Shar Chaos Female Control/AoE Damage Support
Anna Chaos Female Damage/Debuff Mage
Martis Chaos Male Burst/Durable Tank

MLA S-Tier List (Best)

Best Hero’s list Hero Type Gender Speciality Class
Belerick Elemental Male Durability Tank
Aurora Elemental Female Control/Burst Mage
Lesley Tech Female Reap/Burst Marksman
Karrie Tech Female Damage Marksman
Natan Tech Male Damage/Control Marksman
Akai Martial Shield/CC Tank
Masha Martial Female Durable/Buff Tank
Clint Martial Burst/Buff Marksman
Hanabi Martial Female Debuff/Control Marksman
Hayabusa Martial Male Burst/Durable Fighter
Kagura Light Female Damage Mage
Fanny Light Female Damage/Durable Fighter
Uranus Light Heal/Durable Tank
Kimmy Light Female Damage/Debuff Marksman
Granger Dark Burst Marksman
Vexana Dark Female Damage/Debuff Mage
Amaterasu Order Female Damage Marksman
Tia Order Female Burst Mage
Yu Zhong Chaos Survival/Execution Fighter
Zhask Chaos Damage/Control Mage
Shah Torre Chaos Damage/Bonus Mage

MLA A-Tier List (Good)

Good Hero’s Name Hero Type Gender Speciality Class
Estes Elemental Male Heal Support
Hylos Elemental Male Durable/Buff Tank
Harley Elemental Female Control Support
Gord Elemental Male AoE Damage/Buff Mage
Atlas Tech Male Control/Shield Tank
Claude Tech Male Burst/Control Marksman
Alpha Tech Male Control/Damage Fighter
Zilong Martial Male Control/Damage Fighter
Chang’e Light Male AoE Damage Mage
Gatotkaca Light Male Crowd Control/Charge Tank
Gusion Light Male Durable/Damage Fighter
Minsitthar Light Male Buff/Control Fighter
Karina Dark Male Behead/Burst Fighter
Alice Dark Male Lifesteal/Damage Mage
Karihmet Order Female Burst/AoE Damage Marksman
Gavana Order Female Buff/Damage Fighter

MLA B-Tier List (Fair)

Average Hero’s Name Hero Type Gender Speciality Class
Badang Elemental Male Damage/Shield Fighter
Grock Elemental Male Control/Heal Tank
Kadita Elemental Female AoE Damage Mage
Diggie Tech Buff/Shield Support
Saber Tech Charge Fighter
Lancelot Martial Charge/Behead Fighter
Yi Sun-Shin Martial Male Damage/Bonus Marksman
Freya Light Durable/Damage Tank
Thamuz Dark Durable/Control Tank

MLA C-Tier List (Below Average)

Hero’s Name Hero Type Gender Speciality Class
Lapu-Lapu Martial Male Damage/Bonus Fighter
Helcurt Dark Male Control/Charge Fighter
Moskov Dark Male Damage/Debuff Marksman

MLA D-Tier List (Weak)

Hero’s Name Hero Type Gender Speciality Class
Eudora Elemental Female AoE Damage Mage
Miya Elemental Female Control/Damage Marksman
Cyclops Elemental Male Burst/Control Mage
Layla Tech Female AoE Damage Marksman
Ellie/Jawhead Tech Female/Robot Control/Damage Fighter
Bruno Tech Male Damage/Bonus Marksman
Alucard Martial Male Lifesteal Fighter
Franco Martial Male Control/Durable Tank
Hilda Martial Female Durable/Burst Fighter
Rafaela Light Female Heal Support
Tigreal Light Male Control Tank
Kaja Light Male Control/Damage Support
Balmond Dark Male Behead Tank
Aldous Dark Male Control/Charge Fighter
Bane Dark Male Durable/Damage Fighter

Final words: This Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List Reddit – April 2023 recently updated, whenever new hero’s officially released we will update this tier list that completely based on power and strength of character. If you have any suggestions about best team to make and reroll in MLA you can comment on below comment box.


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