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Sweardle word Today Answer Release, check recent and all so far Sweardle 4 letter word game puzzles solution list: Sweardle is a game about rude words. If you’re likely to be offended by the use of profanity, vulgarity or obscenity, go play Wordle instead. The Sweardle is a web-based word game that is free to play where Players have Four tries to guess a Four-letter word. The Developer of Sweardle Game every day released Swear Word puzzles daily to solve and here we get the answers to all today puzzles for free. On this page, we listed all Sweardle word lists, hints, unlimited answer keys, all answers solution archive lists and complete instructions about how to play a Sweardle word game.

Sweardle Game Answers Today 2022

The swardle word of the day is 4 unique alphabets words (Instead of 5 like wordle & lewdle) players get 4 maximum attempts to solve any word puzzle so far. So here we come with correct answers to all puzzles with a solutions list so that you never lose any word game. We’ll daily update this page and publish recent solutions so don’t forget to bookmark this page by pressing CTRL + D. Below we mentioned the highlights of Sweardle Game today 4 letter word correct list then, you can check Sweardle word of the day recent solutions:

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Game Name Sweardle – the 4 letter word guessing game
Developed by Not revealed yet
new puzzle time 12 am local time
word of the day #233
Sessions 2022
Month September 2022
Word of the Day B U M P
Sweardle web official website sweardle.com
Alternative Wordle, lewdle, dordle & unlimited wordle

*Sweardle 4 letter word of the day answer added today

Sweardle word today answer List (September 2022)

Here we mentioned the all-word answers archive list that is released so far. This table is updated on daily basis and mentioned all today & previous word game correct answers. All the Sweardle power language solution lists have been tested by our team and are 100% correct.

Date 4 letters word Answers
30th Sep 2022 B A G S
29th Sep 2022 P O R K
28th Sep 2022 P O K E
27th Sep 2022 P U M P
26th Sep 2022 P O L E
25th Sep 2022 H O R N
24th Sep 2022 D O N G
23rd Sep 2022 D A M N
22nd Sep 2022 B A S H
21st Sep 2022 B E R K
20th Sep 2022 B U M P
19th Sep 2022 S H I T
18th Sep 2022 D R I P
17th Sep 2022 D R A T
16th Sep 2022 D O N G
15th Sep 2022 S N O G
14th Sep 2022 F I S T
13th Sep 2022 N U T S
12th Sep 2022 T O S S
11th Sep 2022 W * N K
10th Sep 2022 C L A P
9th Sep 2022 F I S T
8th Sep 2022 B I N T
7th Sep 2022 M E A T
6th Sep 2022 S H A T
5th Sep 2022 P O K E
4th Sep 2022 P U B
3rd Sep 2022 A N U S
2nd Sep 2022 S N O G
1st Sep 2022 S L A G

Old answers updating …

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How to Play Sweardle game

To play this word game you do not need any account or log in to play. This game can play on mobile or PC on a browser for free. Here you can follow the complete instruction about how to play the Sweardle word puzzle game:

  • Open the official website of the Sweardle game i.e sweardle.com
  • Now you see 4 letters puzzle game on the screen and have total of 4 attempts
  • Guess the Sweardle in 4 tries.
  • Each guess must be a valid 4 letter word. Hit the enter button to submit.
  • After each guess, the colour of the tiles will change to show how close your guess was to the word.

A new Sweardle will be available each day!

Here is the example of a Sweardle word that can give you an idea about this game:

Sweardle examples with answers


Marked in green to show that it is the right letter, in the right place, For Example: The letter D is in the word and in the correct spot.


Marked in yellow to show that the letter is in the word, but not in that place: For Example: The letter I is in the word but in the wrong spot.


Marked in grey to show that the letter is not in the word. For Example: The letter E is not in the word in any spot.

Sweardle Wiki Game Updates

The Sweardle new world puzzle update time is 12:00 AM local time and every day you will get the 1-word puzzle to solve and also unlock unlimited answers by playing daily. The best hack & tricks are to come and play daily word puzzle games only on the official website of this game.

About Sweardle! 
Sweardle was invented as a joke parody of Wordle, using “4 letter” swear words instead of 5. Approximately 50 swear words are in use, intentionally selected to not use overtly racist, homophobic or misogynistic words. Each day a random word is selected from the list, so you may get repeats. Undoubtedly some of the words will offend someone, which is not the goal, but neither will I apologise – you can’t visit a swear word guessing game and not expect some offensive terms.

  • Developer(s):  anonymous!!
  • Release: 2022
  • Platform(s): Web
  • Genre(s): Word game

You can also play other unlimited world game on android app or anything else. Now many games are available that is similar to this Sweardle game. If you find any similar game that is better then this kindly let us know on below comment box.


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