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LA Times Crossword Today Answer Release, check Saturday Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword puzzles clues with solution list- The LATimes Crossword is a puzzle that is published in newspapers, LA Times Crossword news websites of the Los Angeles Times, and also on mobile applications. Today puzzles were created by Jamey Smith/ Ed. Rich Norris. On this page, we listed all LA Times Crossword answers & clues (05/21/2022), all solved and unsolved clues with answers solution archive, and complete instructions about how to play LA Times Crossword puzzles daily.

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LA Times Crossword Game Answers Today

Today puzzles were created by Jamey Smith/ Ed. Rich Norris. Daily Free LA Crossword puzzles have earned their devoted fans throughout these decades, who solemnly dedicate their time to crack solve the puzzle using clues. So here we come with correct answers to all cross clues puzzles with a solutions list. We’ll daily update this page and publish recent solutions so don’t forget to bookmark this page by pressing CTRL + D. Below we mentioned the highlights of LATimes the Daily Crossword Free puzzles Game solutions archive list then, you can check LA Times Crossword corner recent solutions-

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Game Name LA Times Daily Crossword
edited & created by Jamey Smith/ Ed. Rich Norris
Date 05/21/22
Month May 2022
Day Saturday
Available on website, newspaper, Android/ IOS App
LA Times Crossword corner web official website

*LATimes crossword clue answers with answers added today

LA Times Daily Crossword today answer (May 21, 2022)

Here we mentioned the all-word answers Today. The clues are given below are in the order they appeared. This page is updated on a daily basis so don’t forget to visit daily and check the correct answers of today’s Los Angeles times Daily Crossword corner puzzles 2022. All the Los Angeles Times Crossword corner solution lists have been tested by our team and are 100% correct.


LA Times Crossword Daily Puzzle- Answers- May 21, 2022- Across

  • Support thats often rigged Crossword Clue: MAST
  • Role metaphorically Crossword Clue: HAT
  • Pair sharing a <3 necklace probably Crossword Clue: BFFS
  • Instruments in some Gershwin works Crossword Clue: ALTOSAXES
  • I dont mind __ /  Except as meals. / And the way they feels: Nash Crossword Clue: EELS
  • Tabula rasa Crossword Clue: CLEANSLATE
  • Joie de vivre Crossword Clue: ELAN
  • Susan who wrote The writers first job is not to have opinions but to tell the truth Crossword Clue: SONTAG
  • Sources of fleeting joy? Crossword Clue: YACHTS
  • Wrong hand silly Crossword Clue: YOUROTHERRIGHT
  • Active front? Crossword Clue: RETRO
  • Postulant Crossword Clue: NOVICE
  • Grace period? Crossword Clue: AMEN
  • Toodles! Crossword Clue: TATA
  • Tree on the Lebanese flag Crossword Clue: CEDAR
  • Latin law Crossword Clue: LEX
  • Place to get high and pass out? Crossword Clue: TOPBUNK
  • Rx writers often Crossword Clue: DRS
  • Device that requires spin control Crossword Clue: LATHE
  • Inoculation fluids Crossword Clue: SERA
  • Literary alter ego Crossword Clue: HYDE
  • Self-consoling sigh Crossword Clue: ITRIED
  • Animal in Aboriginal cave paintings Crossword Clue: DINGO
  • Line on a handwriting test Crossword Clue: NEATNESSCOUNTS
  • One of two tarot card groups Crossword Clue: ARCANA
  • Went viral Crossword Clue: BLEWUP
  • State whose road signs feature 8-Downs Crossword Clue: UTAH
  • Academic term Crossword Clue: SCHOOLYEAR
  • Nice parent Crossword Clue: MERE
  • Dessert with a high point Crossword Clue: SOFTSERVE
  • Son of Hera Crossword Clue: ARES
  • GRE org. Crossword Clue: ETS
  • Like a fly ball to the warning track Crossword Clue: DEEP

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LA Times Crossword Daily puzzle- Answers- May 21, 2022- Down

  • Safari runners Crossword Clue: MACS
  • Heterogenous union Crossword Clue: ALLOY
  • One working with a dictator Crossword Clue: STENO
  • Perfectly Crossword Clue: TOATURN
  • Lacks options Crossword Clue: HASGOTTO
  • Rose up on stage Crossword Clue: AXL
  • Leaves in a pot Crossword Clue: TEA
  • Symbol of 53-Across Crossword Clue: BEEHIVE
  • Was awash in euphoria Crossword Clue: FELTGIDDY
  • Study aid Crossword Clue: FLASHCARD
  • Three-part fig. Crossword Clue: SSN
  • Bag Crossword Clue: SNARE
  • Eyelid issue Crossword Clue: STYE
  • Make dough or bread Crossword Clue: EARN
  • Earthenware vessel Crossword Clue: CROCK
  • Bags Crossword Clue: TRAPS
  • Breeding grounds Crossword Clue: HOTBEDS
  • Clipped Crossword Clue: TERSE
  • Wiped out Crossword Clue: ALLIN
  • One having a cow? Crossword Clue: MEATEATER
  • Not well-done in the least Crossword Clue: EXTRARARE
  • Derived from gold Crossword Clue: AURIC
  • Brandon __: Hilary Swanks Boys Dont Cry role Crossword Clue: TEENA
  • Tiny tech powering Iron Man and Black Panthers suits Crossword Clue: NANOBOTS
  • Tours of duty Crossword Clue: HITCHES
  • Sweet Crossword Clue: HONEYED
  • Fox holes Crossword Clue: DENS
  • Mine! Mine! Mine! criers in Finding Nemo Crossword Clue: GULLS
  • Small pouches Crossword Clue: SACS
  • Poetic contraction Crossword Clue: TWERE
  • Polished Crossword Clue: SUAVE
  • Get set Crossword Clue: PREP
  • Actress Thurman Crossword Clue: UMA
  • Rowing implement? Crossword Clue: HOE
  • Many times oer Crossword Clue: OFT

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How to Play LATimes Daily Crossword Puzzle Game

The LA Times Crossword puzzles publish on Saturday on every LAT newspaper, L.A Times website and on the official android app for free. Here you can follow the complete instruction about how to play the LA Times Crossword corner puzzle game (  on a web browser-

  • Open the official website of LA times game i.e on your browser.
  • Log in to your Los Angeles Times account.
  • Then starting playing

A new Los Angeles Times Crossword corner will be available each day!


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