Didi Ke Bolo Complaint Register 2022: Check Status, Phone Number, WhatsApp No, Email ID


Didi ke Bolo Online Portal is ready to serve WB Citizens, check Didi ke bolo new phone number, working mobile no, WhatsApp number and email address updated: This is the big initiative taken by the child minister of West Bengal state (WB) Shri Mamata Banerjee and released the new government portal to resolve every citizen complains who are not able to convey their message to the state govt. This Didi ke bolo portal increases trust towards government programmes that they are releasing for their local citizens. To know Mamata didi ke bolo contact number, online complaint registration process, Whatsapp no or email ID to talk with Didi CM of WB State then. read this page throughout the end, and don’t miss any important update released by the WB State government regarding didi ke bolo portal.

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Didi ke bolo Online Portal

The official website of didi ke bolo online complaint is www.didikebolo.com where you can do online complaints about any issue regarding govt schemes or any department and from the same portal, you can track your complaint status through the complaint number that you received during the online complaint registration. Every process is free and easy to use only if you follow the instructions that are provided on this page.

Name of scheme (দিদি কে বলো) didi ke bolo
initiated by Shri Mamata Banerjee
Years 2021-2022
Launch by Government of West Bengal
Motive To resolve issue/ Problems of WB Citizens
who can register a complaint Anyone from WB State
New Phone Number  9137091370
Helpline number (Toll free) check below
official website www.didikebolo.com

The CM of West Bengal state now moving towards new technology where all the paperwork is going to finish for the local citizens it is very hard to contact Didi Shri Mamata Banerjee, CM and never convey their message about their issues but, now by releasing this “didi ke bolo” portal every citizen no matter where they live, everyone contact didi and share their suggestion or problem with the CM. Your registered complaint will be transferred to the respective department and instantly action will be taken on your complaint, after few days your complaint will be resolved by the respective department.

Didi ke Bolo Complaint Register 2022

The benefit of this scheme is very simple and straightforward, the main motive of the Government of releasing the www.didikebolo.com is to resolve every citizen problems that they are facing in day to day life and the government can resolve their issues if anyhow people can contact directly the government. Now you only need to speak, government is here to listen to you


The complaint register process will be done directly from your mobile and all documents can also be uploaded during filling complaint against anybody. Here is the step by step guidelines that people of wb state can follow to file a complaint on the DIDI KE BOLO Portal:

  1. Open the www.didikebolo.com website
  2. On the home screen, you will get a Complaint or suggestion form that will be directly sent to the government of WB
  3. On the big text box firstly describe your full problem and if somehow you have any proof or document then you can also upload that file with the same complaint
  4. Enter your name, phone number, WhatsApp number correctly so that the Respecitce department can contact you regarding the issue.
  5. Click on the Next button
  6. Complain registered successfully message will be displayed on your screen with the complaint number.
  7. You can use the complaint number as a tracker number to check your complaint online status at didikebolo.com
  8. Complaint progress will be updated on your mobile through SMS or email ID

Didi ke Bolo status Check 2022

There are a total of 250 members recruited by the govt to keep eye on all complaints that are online received from DIDI KE BOLO Portal to be processed and sent to all respective departments. If you have filed a complaint, foremost thing is that all the details mentioned on the complaint form are needed to be correct and meaning full then your complaint will be accepted by the members. Accepted complaint directly forward to the respective branch where further action will take.

To know your complaint status online you can contact directly didi ke bolo and provide that complaint number or registered mobile to help them to track your complaint status. There is also another process to track online complaints is by contacting through WhatsApp or mail. DIDI ke bolo portal going to active their WhatsApp number and email id so that people can get more options to contact Mamta didi. check Mamta didi ke bolo phone number and Whatsapp contact no here at didikebolo.com

Didi ke Bolo new Phone Number

Due to covid various state government moved their service on the online platform, where people do not need to go outside for any work that can also possible through online mode. Mostly everyone has a smartphone and the facility of calling is be theirs for a long time. The government did a big initiative for their local citizens to provide them with the best facility of govt programmes and make their life better.

This didi ke bolo portal scheme will help to increase people trust in government programmes and the work that they are currently doing. Of course, corruption will be zero because now everyone contacts didi and convey to them the message of what issue they face regarding govt work with the proof and file that can also be uploaded with the complaint. Take the benefit of this scheme and contact now through WhatsApp number or email ID or through the phone number that is officially released by the Current government of West Bengal state.

www.didikebolo.com Cons & Pros

Here we come with the main question that exists in every situation, any of the schemes that release by the government have their cons & pros. So here are some highlighted benefits and drawbacks of the didi ke bolo portal to move the complaint server online.

Cons: benefits of Didi ke bolo complaint register

  • Anyone can file a complaint about their issue
  • No limit to filing complaints, you can file an unlimited complaint in no time
  • Get instant updates about your complaint by checking didi ke bolo status
  • Contact didi by phone number, WhatsApp number or email id
  • Totally free, no fees will be charged by the portal or department regarding processing or resolving your complaint
  • Reduce corruption up to 99%
  • Increase trust of people over Government

Pors: Drawback of didi ke bolo online complaint portal:

There are very few drawbacks that we found while observing the didikebolo website

  • Few times website not working, showing loading…
  • You Can contact only through Phone number (Whatsapp no, email id service need to be Added)


what is official website of didi ke bolo portal?

The official website of didi ke bolo online complaint is www.didikebolo.com

what is didi ke bolo contact number?

The official phone number to contact for complaint is 9137091370

Is their is any whatsapp number or email ID to file complaint?

Mamta didi Government is working to add WhatsApp and EMAIL Service with the didi ke bolo portal.

Why didi ke bolo website is not working?

This is due to technical glitch, kindly try after sometime


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