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NYT Mini Crossword Today Answer Release, check Sunday NYTimes Mini Crossword puzzles clues with solution list: The NY Times Mini Crossword is a puzzle that is published in newspapers, NYT Mini Crossword news websites of the new york times, and also on mobile applications. Today puzzles were created by Joel Fagliano. On this page, we listed all NYT Mini Crossword answers & clues (07/14/2024), all solved and unsolved clues with answers solution archive, and complete instructions about how to play NYT Mini Crossword puzzles daily.

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NYT Mini Crossword Game Answers Today 2024

Today puzzles were created by Joel Fagliano. Mini Crossword puzzles have earned their devoted fans throughout these decades, who solemnly dedicate their time to crack solve the puzzle using clues. So here we come with correct answers to all cross clues puzzles with a solutions list. We’ll daily update this page and publish recent solutions so don’t forget to bookmark this page by pressing CTRL + D. Below we mentioned the highlights of NYTimes the Mini Crossword Game solutions archive list then, you can check NYT Mini Crossword recent solutions:

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NYT Mini crossword answers, the new york times mini crossword puzzle answers and clues 2022

Game Name NYT Mini Crossword – The New york times
edited by Will Shortz
Created by Rich Proulx
NYT Mini Crossword answer status Released
Date 07/14/2024
Month July 2024
Day Sunday
Available on website, newspaper, Android/ IOS App
NYT Mini Crossword web official website www.nytimes.com/crosswords/game/mini

*NY Times Mini Crossword clues with answers added today

NYT Mini Crossword today answer (July 2024)

Here we mentioned the all-word answers Today. The clues are given below in the order they appeared. This page is updated on a daily basis so don’t forget to visit daily and check the correct answers of today New York Times Mini Crossword Puzzles 2024. All the NYTimes Mini Crossword solution lists have been tested by our team and are 100% correct.’

Today NYT Mini Crossword Puzzle Answers- July 14 2024

  • TV character who says “Weaseling out of things is important to learn. It’s what separates us from the animals … except the weasel”: HOMER
  • Windy City airport: OHARE
  • The only one in the song “Tequila” is “tequila”: LYRIC
  • Crypto lead-in to coin: DOGE
  • Take to court: SUE
  • Waits for a customer service representative, say: HOLDS
  • “Don’t make me blush!”: OHYOU
  • TV character who says “I forgot to clean the lint basket in the dryer. If someone broke into the house and did laundry, it could start a fire”: MARGE
  • Shallowest of the Great Lakes: ERIE
  • Video camera button: REC

NYT Mini Crossword Puzzle Answers- July 13 2024

  • “Goodfellas” group: MOB
  • Actress Julia ___-Dreyfus: LOUIS
  • Club soda lookalike: SELTZER
  • Apple consumer: EVE
  • Versatile blackjack card: ACE
  • File-sharing option from an Apple device: AIRDROP
  • Hot beverage dispensers at a breakfast buffet: TEAURNS
  • Endured: STOOD
  • “Naked” rodent: MOLERAT
  • The first “O” in a worker’s “O.O.O.” message: OUT
  • ___ world (upside-down reality): BIZARRO
  • Tariffs: LEVIES
  • Runner-up’s place: SECOND
  • Window, middle or aisle: SEAT
  • Workout units in a set: REPS
  • Twosome: DUO

NYT Mini Crossword Puzzle Answers- July 12 2024

  • Bad thing to drop while riding a chairlift: SKI
  • Batman’s archenemy: JOKER
  • What a cartoon character might grab onto if they’re swallowed whole: UVULA
  • Big name in PCs: DELL
  • “For Your Eyes ___” (1981 Bond film): ONLY
  • Prop for Hamlet when he says “Alas, poor Yorick!”: SKULL
  • Grace who starred in three Hitchcock films: KELLY
  • Savings plan option, for short: IRA
  • Olympic sport from Japan: JUDO
  • Place for roasting: OVEN

NYT Mini Crossword Puzzle Answers- July 11 2024

  • Part of a cherry you shouldn’t eat: STEM
  • “Detour” sign feature: ARROW
  • Depart: LEAVE
  • Nail polish brand that sounds like two letters of the alphabet: ESSIE
  • Part of a pomegranate you should eat: SEED
  • Shopper’s excuse to “save money”: SALE
  • Head lock?: TRESS
  • Wipe, as a memory card: ERASE
  • Common date night activity: MOVIE
  • Fast-growing plant: WEED

NYT Mini Crossword Puzzle Answers- July 10 2024

  • Website born from its C.E.O.’s “personal film diary”: IMDB
  • Service symbolized by an envelope: EMAIL
  • Japanese writing system based on Chinese characters: KANJI
  • Some frozen waffles: EGGOS
  • Ages and ages: EONS
  • P.R. concern: IMAGE
  • Fruit that may be served with sticky rice: MANGO
  • Spicy mustard: DIJON
  • Pure joy: BLISS
  • ___ out a living (barely get by): EKE

NYT Mini Crossword Puzzle Answers- July 9 2024

  • Substance used by violin players: ROSIN
  • One of the world’s largest land animals, familiarly: HIPPO
  • Trojan War epic: ILIAD
  • N.B.A. team that recently agreed to its first trade with the Knicks in over 40 years: NETS
  • Lyric poems: ODES
  • Well-___ machine: OILED
  • Petty ill will: SPITE
  • “Skip me,” in a game: IPASS
  • Nonverbal agreement: NOD

NYT Mini Crossword Puzzle Answers- July 8 2024

  • To whom Freddie Mercury sings “Didn’t mean to make you cry …,” in “Bohemian Rhapsody”: MAMA
  • Place for a blowout: SALON
  • Formal decree: EDICT
  • Chip topped with queso and jalapeños: NACHO
  • Nasty: MEAN
  • “Dear sir or ___ …”: MADAM
  • Pulitzer-winning novelist Walker: ALICE
  • Chocolaty coffee drink: MOCHA
  • Playwright Chekhov: ANTON
  • One of 100 in Congress: Abbr.: SEN

NYT Mini Crossword Puzzle Answers- July 7 2024

  • Weigh (down): BOG
  • Monk’s hood: COWL
  • Country where the word for “lobster” translates literally to “dragon shrimp”: CHINA
  • Fertile areas in a desert: OASES
  • Walks on water?: PIERS
  • Idaho’s capital: BOISE
  • For whom a car manual is written: OWNER
  • Risky material to pack in a stuffed suitcase: GLASS
  • Spiced tea: CHAI
  • Character on “NYPD Blue” or “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”: COP

NYT Mini Crossword Puzzle Answers- July 6 2024

  • “___ imagining things?”: AMI=
  • Medical center for outpatients: CLINIC
  • Picture on a greeting card that says “I lava you very much”: VOLCANO
  • Abbr. after some business names: INC
  • “Holy moley!”: WOW
  • Peppers with pepper, say: SEASONS
  • Aim high: ASPIRE
  • Feeling low: SAD
  • The thing in “Is this thing on?”: MIC
  • “To briefly summarize …”: INAWORD
  • Supply at an ice cream parlor: CONES
  • “___ ear, out the other”: INONE
  • Nearly 15% of them in the U.S. live in Texas: COWS
  • Mastercard alternative: VISA
  • Singer known for performing in a face-covering wig: SIA

NYT Mini Crossword Puzzle Answers- July 5 2024

  • Black-tie affairs: GALAS
  • Friend of Flounder, in a Disney movie: ARIEL
  • Middle of a hamburger: PATTY
  • Top (and bottom) of a hamburger: BUN
  • Establishment that might have a “water circuit”: SPA
  • Space between a train and the platform: GAP
  • Most Yemenis and Saudis: ARABS
  • Became visibly happy: LITUP
  • Health insurance giant: AETNA
  • Sneaky, like a fox: SLY

NYT Mini Crossword Puzzle Answers- July 4 2024

  • Fireworks show exclamations: OOHS
  • Italy’s shape: BOOT
  • Polynesian island nation: SAMOA
  • Like a proverbial “nest” once the kids go to college: EMPTY
  • President who wrote the memoir “A Promised Land”: OBAMA
  • That little extra something: OOMPH
  • Sounds from an owl: HOOTS
  • “Don’t go!”: STAY
  • “From ___ to shining ___”: SEA

NYT Mini Crossword Puzzle Answers- July 3 2024

  • Defrosts: THAWS
  • Event with barrel racing and bull riding: RODEO
  • “Gosh darn it!”: AWMAN
  • Rocker who plays himself, as a murder suspect, on “Only Murders in the Building”: STING
  • Have the ___ for (be attracted to): HOT
  • Totally awful, in slang: TRASH
  • Words on many self-help books: HOWTO
  • Confess: ADMIT
  • Gradually introduces to solid food: WEANS
  • Best Original ___ (Oscars category): SONG

NYT Mini Crossword Puzzle Answers- July 2 2024

  • “Yes, ___!” (chorus from a group of line cooks): CHEF
  • Lover of the club music scene: RAVER
  • “Humble” home: ABODE
  • They can’t stand up by themselves because they’re “two-tired,” in an old groaner: BIKES
  • It is written: TEXT
  • What the “spider” actually is in a spider roll: CRAB
  • Nun’s outfit: HABIT
  • Bring to mind: EVOKE
  • UPS competitor: FEDEX
  • Take a breather: REST

NYT Mini Crossword Puzzle Answers- July 1 2024

  • [How disappointing]: SIGH
  • Larger relative of a kayak: CANOE
  • Fire-starting crime: ARSON
  • Dust ___ (tiny pests): MITES
  • “Golly!” … or 1-Across, in pig Latin: ISAY
  • Wrapped Indian garments: SARIS
  • App with a camera in its logo, informally: INSTA
  • Like the texture of a roasted marshmallow: GOOEY
  • They’re often laying around a farm: HENS
  • Top worn for layering, for short: CAMI

NYT Mini Crossword Puzzle Answers- June 30 2024

  • Purchase at the pump: GAS
  • “Not gonna happen”: NOPE
  • Big name in watches: TIMEX
  • Former “Jeopardy!” host Trebek: ALEX
  • Candy that comes in collectible dispensers: PEZ
  • Pop star Selena: GOMEZ
  • Highest point: APEX
  • Uncomfortable topic in middle school health class: S
  • River past the Pyramids: NILE
  • Alternative to sparkling, for water: TAP

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How to Play NY Times Mini Crossword game

The NYT Mini Crossword puzzles publish on Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, Sunday and Sunday on every nyt newspaper, NY Times website and on the official android app for free. Here you can follow the complete instruction about how to play the NYT Mini Crossword puzzle game (nytimes.com/games)  on a web browser:

  • Open the official website of NY times game i.e nytimes.com/games on your browser.
  • Log in to your New York Times account.
  • Then starting playing

A new NYTimes Mini Crossword will be available each day!

Steps to Play NYT Mini Crossword game on Android/ IOS App:

  • To play the game open The New York Times app on your Android or IOS device.
  • Navigate to the Play section.
  • Click The Mini Crossword game
  • Tap Play to begin playing the puzzle.

Here is the example of an NYT Mini Crossword that can give you an idea about this game:

NYTimes Mini Crossword (NYT) Updates

The NYTimes Mini Crossword new words puzzle update time is 12:00 AM local time and every day you will get the unique puzzle with clues to solve and also play on your mobile for free. In short “Solving Mini Crosswords eliminates worries. They make you a calmer and more focused person.”

NYTimes Mini Crossword about:

The Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, Sunday and Sunday Mini Crossword puzzles are also printed in the Arts section of the print edition of The New York Times. The Sunday Mini Crossword puzzle is printed in the Sunday Magazine. For access to the daily puzzle in print, purchase a Home Delivery subscription or pick up a copy of the newspaper at your local newsstand.

Please refer to The New York Times Mini Crossword app for more information about playing the puzzle on the iOS or Android app. For more information about the New York Times Games subscription, please refer to New York Times Games Subscription. (source: nytimes.com)


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